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  1. It's 4/4. The song is built off of three bar phrases, which is probably what would throw someone off.
  2. Bophur

    Ukulele Players

    I've got a baritone Uke. Really great tone. Fun to figure out Radiohead stuff on it. I've got Fake Plastic Trees, I Might be Wrong and High & Dry so far. Also played some jazz on it once. It was really weird.
  3. Yeah word. Lots of really incredible musicians these days are turning to Radiohead and covering their songs. Jazz guys like Brad Mehldau, and Chris Potter, for instance.
  4. EVerything in it's right place. It's in 10 and is most definitely not diatonic.
  5. It's a gorgeous thing. Sets a mood well. Just very pretty.
  6. Colin is a really good bassist. His lines are simple but really really effective.
  7. I got the shirt with the Radiohead bear on it with those crazy blue eyes. The test specimen one. Abnd then I got an OK computer poster.
  8. Here's a song that I'm currently working on. It's pretty heavy influenced by Aphex Twin and the Bad Plus. It needs alot of work, for instance some of teh grooves I lay down are too dancey for my tastes, and I'ma noob with FL studios. Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?7omzm3o0gyy Try and guess what key it's in...
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