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  1. In the upcoming full band interview in Rolling Stone Ed said that Thom is almost finished with his Album.
  2. I think jonny is the most tallented all round musician. Thom is the most tallented songwriter. I think a better question to ask is who is the best musician in terms of technical musicianship and musical feel and orignality in teh parts they write for themselves on their respective main instrument. So who wins in the following battle? Thom on vocals Ed on guitar Jonny on guitar Colin on bass Philip on drums Personaly I would say it was a toss up between Philip and Jonny and Thom. Personally I think
  3. I can see it being very plausable that sometime in the near future Thom may release AFP LP 1 through the occupation records website on a pay what you want basis as a download. Then in a few months after the occupation movement has benifited financially and through publicity Thom could release it through xl in all th eother formats, much like the In Rainbows release. Thoughts?
  4. I suppose there is no way of knowing who played what on a studio recording. For all we know Jonny could have done all the instrumental work on in rainbows and we would be non the wiser. I think the only way to find out would be to ask the band themselves if you ever meet them.
  5. I think Ed has said that they were trying to capture the swagger they had when playing live on the Kid A, Amnesiac tours. I recently got it on vinyl and I love it. I just keep playing sail to the moon <3
  6. So Ed was on a cricket radio show the other day. He starts talking at around 53.45 Link
  7. Paranoid android (live) 2 + 2 = 5 (live) sit down stand up (live) no suprises (live) pyramid song (live) plus many more I think arpeggi is the only one that Ed sings on studion wise
  8. It's quite alright, yeah I think i remember an interview where he said his next album move in another dirrection like Radioheads tend to do. Exciting times!
  9. I'm sorry you seem to have taken my sentence the wrong way. It was meant to mean this ... On Radiohead messege boards I tend to find some people who seem to have a go at philips music just for the fun of it and I feel they don't give it a fair chance. That comment was dirrected at those people who had not seem Philip live. I would have thought it went without saying that my thoughts didn't apply to those that already liked Philips stuff like yourself or those that didn't like Philips stuff even after seeing him live. But hey ho what can you do? I hope that was a little clearer for you.
  10. Well they all did there drums thing and wne toff but then they came back on for an encore and did the witching hour. Where abouts did you meet him? I wish I could have but I had a train to catch.
  11. I saw Jonny in person yesterday. Seeing him as just another person walking around made me feel rather un easy about all the Jonny fanatics like yourself on here.
  12. So I went to see Philip last night and it was amazing. It sounded great and I was able to understand the songs in a completley new way. If you have never seen him play live then please don't continue to have at go at his music. It was simply wonderfull. He played a new song called 'don't go now' I think. As I remember it was quite dark but really nice. Oh and also just before it started Jonny Greenwood walked in and sat behind me. I nearly had a heart atack. So yeah, a good night was had by all!
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