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  1. 1. Amazing Sounds of Orgy 2. Trans-Atlantic Drawl 3. Sulk 4. We Suck Young Blood 5. Pearly* 6. I Will 7. The Bends 8. Hunting Bears 9. 4 Minute Warning 10. Banana Co.
  2. It's a b-rate album among their more than a-rate discography.
  3. If RH's first album was TKOL and not Pablo Honey, they probably wouldn't have ever made it big. Hate PH all you want, Creep was the spark plug that launched them into international stars.
  4. Have you seen the set lists? Radiohead played Amazing Sounds of Orgy for what? The first time in history? They're playing a lot of old songs too because an exclusively TKOL setlist would be boring as shit and even they know it.
  5. Thom Yorke. Yorke. In September 2010, drummer Phil Selway stated that the band had been recording "on and off for a year". Ed O'Brien With eight tracks and just over 37 minutes of music, The King of Limbs is Radiohead's shortest album. Stan Donwood The list goes on and on. Seriously anybody paying any remote attention to this era of music knows the whole idea behind TKOL is less stress, less emotional baggage, less time chained up to deadlines and expectations... it's samples, loops... the short album obviously requiring less time and work... all the collaborations with the other artists means less time in the studio for Radiohead, as that time is now preoccupied with collaborating with other artists. It's all really simple. The issue is fans thinking liking the album makes them more of a fan of Radiohead than those who don't prefer it. Which is absolute bullshit but something you'd come to expect from this fanbase.
  6. I say bullshit, the new division of Radiohead fans are the assholes who say shit like this: Get the hell over yourself, OK Computer, Kid A, In Rainbows, what have you, were all superior albums to The King of Limbs. Radiohead themselves have said the new material is requiring less work, less time, less energy, and much less emotion. Well shit that's what made Radiohead who they are. This is like Coca Cola changing their recipe for some reason. I'm sure there were some hipster assholes who were like "come on man, this is ours, don't go back to the beverage our parents grew up on." Fuck that shit, stick with what works. This doesn't mean I don't like Radiohead anymore. Doesn't even mean I don't like TKOL. I heard Lotus Flower in the streets of Shinjuku last week being advertised for a summer music festival and I got all giddy. They played Lotus Flower at a Hub (British pub) in Shibuya (again, Tokyo) and I got all giddy and telling people "THEY'RE PLAYING RADIOHEAD." But it doesn't make you less of a fan to admit that if the same pub played Reckoner, I'd probably intently listen in and enjoy the music, not just point out who's playing and carrying on.
  7. Too many hipsters scared to vote for an album produced by "the corporations man".
  8. Probably, doing things right and on-time is too corporate and main-stream.
  9. Thom is also the kind of person that could work on a 15 second segment of a song non-stop for a week without sleep and then when asked about it he'd be like "yeah I dabbled with it and threw some shit together, nothing too much."
  10. Yeah, if anything, it's more convincing. Because it suggests there may be some reason for people to think it's over. They can be done with albums and still close it off by saying "If you think this is over then you're wrong." No more albums =/= no more music.
  11. Pre-ordered the Newspaper album + mp3s and was underwhelmed on first listen, and still underwhelming today.
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