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  1. I didn't mean that vid as a no, and I hope it isn't a coincidence Mews would have to be in the loop at CERN though. But we're finally going to find out what kittens are made of!
  2. Here's the webcast: they finally finished the kitten collider. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u011XHmYq1Q (Copyright R. Watson )
  3. Yeah, it makes me think of a speaker close up...
  4. I wasn't gonna join in because I'll give too many full scores and it'll make me look weak and submissive I'm using HJ's system because 5 x 8 and 4 x 10 = 40 so no need to mess around with averages (or sit staring trying to work out how to do them)... Bloom - 5 MMM - 5 LbL - 5 (see) Feral - 4 Lotus Flower - 4.5 Codex - 5 GutG - 4.5 Separator - 4 TKOL = 37 15 Step - 3.5 Bodysnatchers - 4 Nude - 4 WF/A - 3.5 All I Need - 4 Faust Arp - 3 Reckoner - 4 House Of Cards - 3.5 Jigsaw - 3.5 Videotape - 4 IR = 37 TIE I like this result, but I'll give it to In Rainbows on points because my favourite two songs from both albums would be Reckoner and All I Need. (edit but it's so close I didn't vote in the poll) And I'm not comparing, but Emily 10 Monkey & Bear 10 Sawdust & Diamonds 10 Only Skin 10 Cosmia 10 - I'm a Newsom freak as well
  5. There's one cross and one nought on the board but it's her turn and she's going for low centre, and that would be a good move if she were noughts, so she's noughts. The clown's gonna put one right in the middle to thwart her, forcing her to go middle right. If you trace the game out, it's a draw. :)
  6. Yeah I remember something about clues that Lady Gaga is in the Illuminati... This blogger reckons there's a real web of connections behind all this but it's all so random and unconvincing, it's just like when people find coded evidence of Jewish banking conspiracies by reading diagonally across newspaper columns, or the Bible code thing. You want to say: 'believe what you want but be careful which delusions you try out in public'
  7. ouch! Well you've gone all in now. Let's spin the wheel!
  8. Hello! The testcard was used when nothing was on overnight but it was also used to make sure the colours and contrast and stuff were correct in preparation for a broadcast! I don't think it means FTB though because that would be pretty early for a Mewsclue... The 25% footage clue came a couple of weeks before RSD... I was about to say: if it means a webcast it would have to be one without any TKOL songs because of the 'first public performance' thing. But maybe a webcast would not constitute a public performance? p.s. if she loses to the clown she's an idiot
  9. That's what I was thinking: we don't have any room-size cages in the house. Maybe I need to knock some slats out of a barn wall or something (we don't have a barn) (token speculation) There is one episode of Jools Holland to go now: 38x07 20 May 2011 The Strokes / Staff Benda Bilili But they usually have SIX bands/acts so fingers crossed....
  10. Well I don't know anyone who speaks it so it's not ditzy I want to try the soy sauce nap method, maybe lying on a shelf?
  11. Thanks! I have to say it's from oppie
  12. 'mortigi' means killing in that language (I think). And I'm a hitman. (what is the name of your sideways hamster?)
  13. If my internet searches are being tapped by esperanto speaking spies, they'll be freaked out by how often I type 'killing'...
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