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  1. What is that site about??? http://www.dawnchorusllp.com/
  2. A month and nothing happened..... Maybe we could wake up Mews! Anyone???
  3. Usually sometimes the website ran down.... But I didn´t see anything different For now.... WASTE Central still with the same newspaper style You´re right... Say goodbye to sleep safe in your little bed
  4. Since TKOL I´ve been away from here.... But it´s time to start a new thread since is comming "soon or later". Mews started tease us on the last two days.... One rule accepted: IMS MENOO/ ERS MENOO The last elements was earth/ air - The King Of Limbs My bet is Water+ .... (Mews knows)... Thoughts? PS. I miss Lemons and Oppie...
  5. What they will do? I mean this was scary; a nightmare. If the stage collapses during the soundcheck.... Oh my... They must be in shock, losing a friend, and probably a lot of thei gear. I've received this from a friend, a text regarding the next steps. "Alright, now that all the dust has settled (no pun intended, that would be inconsiderate) on the issue of people being injured, or worse, lets get down to the nitty gritty of what the musicians are concerned about; what’s up for Radiohead’s tour, and what’s up with their equipment? I’ve looked at some of the photographs of the stage prior to the collapse, and I can tell you that there is a lot gear that is going to be just destroyed. Apparently, and these are just rumors, the drums and keyboards are cooked, and I wouldn’t doubt that. The drums are located very centrally, underneath the lights certainly, and the keyboards are placed off stage to the stage right rear of the kits, and those are probably gone too. That means goodbye to Colin’s bass equipment, both sets of drums, and almost certainly the Rhodes. I hope the data on the SPD-S’s is salvageable, because that would be a pain in the ass to have to replace. The amps are probably also cooked, at least Thom’s for sure. Jonny’s may - may - be ok, depending on their general location regarding the lighting over them. For Detroit, the lights were placed further to the left of where he was standing. Ed’s gear is a shit shoot, just because he can realistically place his things anywhere he wants on that stage and not be that effected. He was tall enough to touch the lighting panels during one of the songs, which means that it could go either way. His pedals may or may not be crushed though, which would suck because that Klon and Timeline are going to be hard to replace in this market, and the presets are going to be impossible, unless he saved them to something like a flashcard or something similar. Honestly, I’m not even sure the Timeline has that capability, but for his sake, I hope it does. I think most people who are concerned about the gear, are mostly concerned with Jonny’s Telecaster Plus, which he’s had since he had his prior model, an original 90’s era guitar, stolen in the earlier 90’s. Fuck that guitar. That can be redone very, very easily. I can tell you this, because I essentially hot rodded my own Strat into something like it with no difficulty whatsoever. Kill switch included. What I’m concerned about is the Starcaster. The hollow body that Jonny uses on Pyramid Song, and several others, is a very, very delicate piece of equipment, and they are rare as hen’s teeth. There are a few in Chicago right now, housed at the Chicago Music Exchange, but there’s something very intimate about hollow bodied guitars that you just can’t replace sometimes. I have a ‘58 Kay Jazz II that, for all the trouble its given me, I couldn’t physically replace because you just understand all the nooks and crannies about the instrument. As far as touring goes in the near future, I can’t say much. They’re a very productive bunch of gentleman, who I wouldn’t be surprised to see crying their eyes out over a bottle of wine in the hotel, or, alternatively, flying home to see their families with no regard for the issues of the rest of the tour. If we really sit back and think for a minute, they almost died. Really, very seriously, they all almost lost their lives over the sale of a few beers (running of RadioheadOfficial’s information earlier today about why the stage set-up was rushed). If it were me, I’d be at home with my head in the lap of my wife having her tell me that everything will be ok… I do hope they continue this tour, but really guys, don’t be surprised if they call off much of this coming leg, or the whole tour entirely. Radiohead have hearts, and they’re not going to take the death of a construction member lightly. My heart goes out to them, and the families of those who were injured and killed this evening. I really do hope that this all gets sorted out… " Source: http://fleabitten-mo...radioheads-gear I really don't know what they'l do after that. All the gear was on stage and probably at least 60% of their gear is wrecked. I hope they can handle that with patience. I'm praying to all of them: band, crew and Scott's family.
  6. Hello everybody. A sad way to come back and post here on MT. I had a bad feeling since I've heard the news about the TKOL tour. I've wondering if I felt that duo Lost Angeles art by Donwood. I was wrong. I believe they have to get back all their gear before the Toronto's police concludes the investigation. Just after that they will think abaout what they will do to the Tour. Below a image of ondes. There is a Fund dedicated to Scott being created. Later I will publish a Thread about it. It seems only US would donate for a while.
  7. Sorry for not replying, I was on vaction in Amsterdam

    Yeah, Croatia :)

    Wow, I met quite a lot Brazilian people. Mostly dancers on Croatian beaches :P

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