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  1. So, how's everyone doing? Where is everyone?
  2. I don't see why some people are upset over speculation. In my opinion this is the best Radiohead message board.
  3. I totally forgot that. I'm excited for that as well.
  4. I think its been a lot of fun, even if the band didn't release a "Part 2" they still released Supercollider/The Butcher and 7 remixes + 2 cd remix album. I think its possible that The Daily Mail and Staircase are released before too long.
  5. Don't we still have 4-5 hours until Mews usually tweets?
  6. Someone left a comment on my site saying that the chair is now sitting up right on Waste and that is was knocked over before. (in the pic) Not sure this means anything? Just sharing the info. http://www.waste.uk.com/
  7. I like the way you think! Where's Vitor for all of this??
  8. Use this link http://www.wnyc.org/popup_player/ click on FM 93.9
  9. Looks like it will actually be streamed here http://www.wnyc.org/popup_player/
  10. @radiohead on at 4:45pm Eastern and repeated at 6:45 pm Eastern and then 8:45 eastern and 10:45 eastern Listen to it live here: http://www.wnyc.org/popup_player/ click on FM 93.9
  11. Not necessarily speculating, just what I was told as far as how long most of their interviews last on this show. Would be awesome if it was 2.5 hours long.
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