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  1. It reminds me of Menomena. Which means it's quite good!
  2. Pablo Honey: Blow Out/Anyone Can Play Guitar The Bends: Planet Telex/Sulk OK Computer: Subterranean Homesick Alien/Electioneering Kid A: Optimistic/In Limbo Amnesiac: You and Whose Army?/Hunting Bears Hail to the Thief: 2+2=5/I Will In Rainbows: Reckoner/Faust Arp The King of Limbs: Bloom/Codex The Eraser: Harrowdown Hill/Skip Divided
  3. ^Yes it is. New track out: So excited to hear this whole album. I love everything they've released so far.
  4. It's not true. Also, these songs aren't going to change much - unlike the stuff from 09 and 10, these are full band rendtiions, not just piano and acoustic guitar sketeches that Thom debuted solo. We'll have an album in late 2013, or in 2014. The band is having a blast and the creative juices seem to be flowing. Plus, Come to your Senses is also supposedly almost ready as well. Skirting Identikit Ful Stop Cut A Hole Come to your Senses And, if the FTB versions aren't definitive, Staircase (fits with the other new material The Daily Mail (Though I doubt this one will ever be released again, seeing as it DOESN'T fit the new material) That's almost enough songs for an album.
  5. It really is. Also one of Thom's better songs lyrically, and the whole band really shreds on it. Existential angst FTW.
  6. Bodysnatchers is better than you. A song is better than you. How does that make you feel? Not but seriously don't insult Bodysnatchers, why does everyone dislike that song? And, I won't even take the bait in regards to Arpeggi. Finally, saying "You're younger than me so you know nothing!!!!!" is a sign of immaturity. Maybe you should grow up first before telling someone else to do so.
  7. I love all the new songs, but I still prefer the TKOL-era and wish the had just stayed with that formula for a tad longer. I love the new songs, but they're all very...raw. Like Bodysnatchers, or HttT era stuff. And Cut A Hole is just another Nude/Go Slowly song, which I don't know if I like. Ful Stop is great fun though, and Skirting COULD be amazing in the studio, I actually really like that track.
  8. -Staircase -Down Is the New Up -Amazing Sounds of Orgy -Worry Wort -Cuttooth -Supercollider -These Are My Twisted Words - Coke Babies -Talk Show Host -Palo Alto
  9. Backdrifts live is so awesome, and on HttT it's also pretty good. Totally should of made this list.
  10. Playing Codex on the piano made me respect it a lot more. It's really just beautiful, and I think it's the prettiest song they've ever done or released.
  11. I'm proud of my love of TKOL. And, the cherry on top is that my favorite song on first listen was....Morning Mr. Magpie. Yep, I'm not a normal Radiohead fan because I didn't hate it at first.
  12. I listen to them often. But I mix in lots of other bands to. I keep my mind open. Lately, Liars, Animal Collective, St. Vincent, Can, and the Talking Heads have been on my mind.
  13. Pablo Honey can't be saved, even with a different track order. Though the album does have some real stars imo. Stop Whispering, Blow Out (which is honestly one of their best songs), You, and Creep are all pretty good. And Coke Babies is a great b-side. The Bends is perfect when it comes to track order and structure. Even Sulk is better in the context of the album, I think. OK Computer is great until Fitter Happier. Fitter Happier is great, it's just that Electioneering is not. It's the first dud on the album, and without it I would have been much happier with the flow of this album. Plus, doesn't Fitter Happier to Climbing Up the Walls sound like a killer, no brainer transition? Gives it a perfect creepy vibe. Kid A is almost perfect. The first half (up to Treefingers) is great, and Optimistic to In Limbo is amazing as well. But Morning Bell to Motion Picture Soundtrack...I never liked that. It's not fulfilling enough. I guess my point is this album needed it's Lucky, or it's Jigsaw, or it's GUtG, to bring it full circle, you know? I do love Morning Bell, but it doesn't work as a penultimate song. Amnesiac. I've never been sold on this album. I think it's flow is stupid, not "experimental", just stupid. I can't stand to listen to this album in full because of transitions like Pulk Pull to YAWA, or Knives Out to Morning Bell/Amnesiac. Like Spinning Plates to LIaGH is a good ending to the album though, mostly because those songs are brilliant. Hail to the Thief is actually one of my favorites. It's a mess in a good way, compared to Amnesiac. I think the ending could have been ironed out a bit more. Scatterbrain is a great song, but I don't like it before AWATD. I always thought Sail to the Moon would have been great right before AWATD. In Rainbows is perfect. I think Down is the New Up would have been good after All I Need (the album lacks "fun" songs. to me this album is Radiohead's most serious and emotional work). TKOL is also perfect. It's a natural progression, from Bloom (the most chaotic song on the album), to Separator (the most peaceful song in their career). It's also my favorite Radiohead album, so I may be a tad biased.
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