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  1. it is ready! ART CORSET! check more out at my website: Ihmemaassa! you propably won't understand the finnish language but there are plenty of pictures of the art corset i have made. the corset is hand painted, the base was white. i painted the base colour and pictures all by myself and i am so so so happy with this corset! it's the most beautiful thing i have ever created! waiting for to make more new art corsets! if you have a great idea for an art corset, please tell me
  2. Blood Bitch/I ain't looking for love
  3. i'm kind of offended that Radiohead won't play in Finland. i mean, they're going to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and they played in Iceland last summer. why Thom why???? luckily we got tickets for Stockholm.
  4. Got tickets for Stockholm. I couldn't be happier!
  5. i'm working on an acrylic painting that would be pretty suitable for this theme (a secret). is it ok even though it's not a drawing, but a painting?
  6. aaww thank you so much! actually this dress can be made with any colour or material. I do not have any stock of fabric, so each product I make is a unique piece. the materials and colours can be whatever the customer wants
  7. in june I released my website and my corset making business. I am a member of a local cultural co-operative society called "Kide". the membership of this co-operative society lets me invoice my clients and I can pay for taxes and other stuff. working through a co-operative society is "easier" way of being a private entrepreneur since there is no such risks even if I won't get enough customers. my brand is called Ihmemaassa. my first name is Liisa and in Finnish "Alice in Wonderland" is translated into "Liisa Ihmemaassa" so picking up the name for my business was easy. now Ihmemaassa consists of custom-made corsets and a small clothing collection of mine. my fashion collection just got a bit bigger, now it has two outfits. a skirt and top called Judith and a dress called Minea. Ihmemaassa-collection my style is military but very feminine. I want to clothe women who are not afraid to wear bold garments and look stylish. I do not follow trends, I try to create clothing that looks good year in, year out. Ihmemaassa-collection is based on a size chart but each garment is pretty much made to measure. I want women to look good in my clothing. the biggest thing for me is corsets. I love everything about them, the history, the patterns, the styles. how a corset can modify a body. each corset is made to a personal body. that's why there are two corsets that are the same. you can find pictures of corsets I've made here. even though my website is in Finnish, here it is! www.ihmemaassa.fi please feel free to comment and share! thank you
  8. "Have you had enough of me?" 2016
  9. i adore the watercolour work and ink pictures! so beautiful! i wish i was better with watercolour... i always lose my temper with watercolour.


    the keyring is the best thing i ever bought! and about the gig: the last 10 songs were solid gold hits. i enjoyed this gig more than the earlier one, and that's a lot to say. i can't wait for the next show! next time i will bring my 15cm high heels to their gig since i wasn't really able to see much. sucks to be short but i danced and sang along every song and it was just magical. still recovering of Radiohead hangover.


    this shirt was being sold at the merchandise booth next to the official shirts, and it was not really cheaper than the other shirts... oh well got myself a great Radiohead shirt anyway


    i bought the foil printed radiohead shirt at lollapalooza - the black one with the rainbow RAD IOH EAD-print. i started to wonder if it's an unofficial shirt or something, since there is no W.A.S.T.E print on the neck of the shirt, just a small size tag. i can't find that design on W.A.S.T.E store. eagerly waiting for the gig to begin here


    I wasn't really able to see the band but i did enjoy the show so much. It was very crowded but i was still able to dance and feel the band. Amazing show. I'm too short i guess... But absolutely amazing show. I'm speechless!


    I'm attending Lollapalooza berlin as well me and my boyfriend. This will be my 2nd time seeing Radiohead live. Can't wait! So exciting!
  15. Red wine and sleeping pills Help me get back to your arms
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