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  1. Great topic and wonderful news! I agree that these two songs (which seem to be the two most anticipated songs for fans) will hopefully be on their next album release. The fact that Johnny likes them so much too is great and I'm sure that the band must know and hear how many fans are going ape shit for the present tense. I think that they will try a little harder on these songs. I honestly think that The present tense could be pyramid song good if they get it right. I also think that they will both be orchestra related. I have a great feeling that LP9 will be one of the best albums they will record, just a premonition. And on top of that we have an AFP album on the way to hold us over. . . . Life is good! I just hope that Johnny and company can work on some of those songs if AFP tour and Thom is extra busy. Not to mention a tour with AFP will give Thom a chance st step away for a little and come back with hopefully some great ideas to finish those songs. I would honestly be satisfied even if they just released The present tense and burn the witch as singles. I probably would do most anything to hear it actually, heh.
  2. 1. Kid A 2. Amnesiac 3. Hail to the Thief 4. In Rainbows 5. King of Limbs 6. OK Computer 7. The bends 8. pablo honey
  3. The King of Limbs is great but I find it very difficult to comprehend why Hail to the Thief is regarded so low in many lists. I think it's one of their best albums. It's almost a perfect album. It reminds me of NIN the fragile. It is a masterpiece yet so many don't give the credit it's due. And it seems that it is to a point that even the artists know that a lot of fans do not really LOVE it. Which is a crime. I will admit though, that I was surprised how much i love In Rainbows as I feel it was actually hard to vote against that album in this poll.
  4. track 1: the present tense tracks 2 - 8: remixes of the present tense track 9: burn the witch bonus track: present tense acoustic studio version
  5. I think the whole Supercollider/the butcher thing was them releasing the b sides to King of Limbs. Kid A and Amnesiac had their own respective b sides even though they came pretty much from the same sessions. There is definitely something coming soon. I want to be antsy and say for them not to wait until October and do it next week for either the first day of Fall or the Full moon a few days after that. Aside from all the guessing we are all doing, I think there is enough evidence out there that some for of music from Thom and company is coming real soon. I would be willing to bet a small toe that more will come by Halloween.
  6. I am a vegetarian and now that I hear bennyboy is a vegan, that is to close of something similar between us and I may have to start eating meat now. Benny, you truly are a senseless twat. You are like a bad migraine, a bag of dog feces and a VD all tied in one pissed soaked knot.
  7. Some Scoff at the prophet for saying that but let's just say that some have already had to put their foot in their mouth after the last two songs were revealed and just remember they are half way to another king of limbs already, 4 more songs and there is a part 2. And that is saying IF they release as many songs. Maybe they will have just 7, etc. The point is that many more will be surprised as the months go passing by. Halloween time frame will definitely still have things being revealed. . . . . . Nick is pretty much right, by the end of 2011 there will be another albums worth.
  8. me too. I wonder how long it will take after the basement is aired that we will get at least an announcement or the ability to download them, studio versions that is. I really am in love with staircase, it has the potential to be one of my favorite songs from this era of Radiohead songs. How long did it take exactly after we heard that the butcher and SC were coming out that we got a link from them?
  9. Radiofire - I was going to answer a few things but you said pretty much everything I wanted to perfectly, lol. I don't understand how some don't see or count the Daily mail and staircase as new songs. . . . This is the live from the basement show and they wouldn't play two new songs that have been obviously worked on and finished just to throw it back in the shelf. Especially since everything else is TKOL in it's entirety plus super collider. Plus it is two songs again, a pair like before. They would not use this basement event to just mess around with songs that are not in the final or finished stages. You guys also reminded me of a bunch of songs I forgot about! I would love to just see the list of all the songs on their black board just to see how many songs they might actually be tinkering with or even planning to work on. I still think that a bunch of songs including the recent ones were either done or most likely in finishing stages that they figured whatever two songs are finished next, will be the next two we will release. I sound like a broken record but I am so excited for present tense and WISH we could at least hear what burn the witch sounds like which has to still be alive as I know there have been some burn the witch words floating around the past year or so especially on the site. This also proves to me that I truly think they will have a small collection of songs that may be more orchestra/piano songs then a little electronic to ice the cake. . . . Sorry I am just having a Radiohead wet dream here. I am just so happy that this discussion never got deleted especially with all the people who said we were crazy or wasting time on false hope and wishful thinking. well the wishful thinking has bloomed into reality. These two new songs will def. be in our possession in studio format at a similar time frame that the butcher/SC were when we first heard about it.
  10. Well FIRST let me say that it has been a while since Nick and also the wonderful creator of TKOL part 2 get a little props on here for all the good and bad times, sticking through it and even in times of doubt keeping it all going. Your work has been well earned and finally proved correct. I think it's funny that a few of us a long long time ago had one speculation of them releasing songs in a single like method after the album. It seems as though it has come true. SECOND, PLEASE give me a few ideas/opinions that when(if) they release another pairing of songs what two will it be and when. I am thinking September we will get the present tense and burn the witch. I know burn the witch is a big stretch but I think the present tense AND burn the witch have been strongly yearned after by the fans in outlets like this forum and even though we haven't heard any burn the witch really, there is still a strong feeling it will be massive. And I think the present tense and burn the witch will fit well together even though I thought the daily mail would of fit with it as well. So any ideas or guesses? More is definitely coming, I promise that.
  11. ah Thread success finally on title! And still more to come. . . . . . absolutely without a doubt guaranteed.
  12. OK NOW PLEASE: It's about time it is officially announced after Super Collider, the butcher, Staircase and Daily Mail, that this thread and speculation is an absolute success amongst all the non believers. Time to put it in the title. Not to mention that this just opens the floodgate..... for more songs SUCCESS. pure and simple.
  13. Which if I'm not mistaken was played live for Thoms solo tour, which the Present tense was also played. I am starting to not lose hope for it now. I would be satisfied for any version of it to be played during the basement performance. Hell, I still listen to the basement version of Down is the new up a lot so please please please let it be so. even though time frame wise it probably won't being that we know of one new song now plus they have super collider and the butcher...... idk....
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