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  1. If people didn't think Radiohead were pretentious before--A Moon Shaped Pool isn't going to help matters. I hate this title.
  2. Closing song: How I Made My Millions Then break up the band.
  3. Crappy pair of Target headphones on my self built pc--cuz poor
  4. Release 9 videos and singles--then release LP9. None of the 9 are on the album. That would be my dream scenario.
  5. LP9 hashtag just disappeared from Twitter
  6. Not a huge fan of 3 songs in the middle of that record (3, 4, and 5). The beginning and end are great though.
  7. I'm excited to know what the last post on this thread will be after it's locked.
  8. I remember seeing a post saying "Well, they fucked up Videotape"--before my download of In Rainbows was even finished.
  9. Wonder if there will be a cover of New Dawn Fades on LP9
  10. As long as True Love Waits ends up as a techno bluegrass hip hop song--I'll be happy with the new album
  11. Which songs can you think of have to do with identity or surveillance. If that's the theme of the album--stands to reason that songs about those subjects might make the cut
  12. Tomorrow is Sun-day. Sun. Dawn. It's going to be tomorrow.
  13. The Beach Boys cover on Pet Sounds. Sloop John B. Not sure why. Oh, you mean Radiohead song--probably Lift for obvious reasons.
  14. Sorry. I only come around here every 5 years or so. I forget etiquette.
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