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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. One of our friends of the family has ALS and he's also in the latter stage. He has kids too and I know it can be really tough on the family. I wish you all the best. I find radiohead may be tough for something like this because though they have a lot of beautiful songs a lot of them have lyrics that would probably be seen as out of place at a funeral. Songs I would suggest: How I Made My Millions (love this song and the lyrics are appropriate I believe) Nice Dream (though the ending may be too heavy) Sail To The Moon Pyramid Song Codex
  2. I don't think there is any real pattern... lol but the opening lines to each album are all epic.
  3. This question is almost impossible. So many good songs that are equally 'good' So i always just fall back on the song that got me into radiohead. And even after hundreds of listens the "you know, you know where you are with...." part still sends chills down my spine. Let Down was my first and probably always will be my 'favorite' Radiohead song ... but top contenders were Motion Picture Soundtrack (pre-recorded version), Videotape, and How I Made My Millions.
  4. nice i got last post on that thread
  5. that 'longest thread in radiohead general chat' is 15 pages long.... lol let's just put the crown on this mess of a thread and leave it at that
  6. have they or thom played that song before? can you linky?
  7. am i the only one who doesn't want staircase and daily mail on the next album? seems kinda like a waste to me. They'll probably sound almost exactly the same as they do now when recorded. I'm hoping for Follow Me Around and The Present Tense (unlikely though)
  8. The Present Tense Big Boots Lift Skirting on the Surface Burn the Vitch new song new song new song new song
  9. It's gotta be Phil. Not because he isn't as cool as the others it's just that he is a little more boring than the others... It was either between him and Ed for me but Ed's new haircut gave him +10 cool points.
  10. Something that could be kind of cool that i haven't seen done yet would be to get the average of all the ratings for each album and see what the rankings will be.
  11. Kid A - 10 In Rainbows - 10 OKC - 10 Amnesiac - 9.5 Hail to the Thief - 9 TKOL - 9 The Bends - 8.5 Pablo Honey - 5
  12. this is stupid, how is DITNU in the final 2? DITNU
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