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  1. I miss the days when Radiohead would announce an album & then release it a few days later.
  2. Cut a Hole (which I love), Skirting on the Surface, Open the Floodgates, I Froze Up, Wake Me (Before They Come), & Come to your Senses are the ones I know of & of course Follow Me Around (which is about to be released). I'd love to hear these.
  3. To be fair, wasn't A Moon Shaped Pool mostly made up of re-worked older stuff in a way?
  4. So Thom has been playing some new songs live. Am I missing anything? 1) Impossible Knots 2) I Am A Very Rude Person 3) Two Feet Off the Ground 4) Not the News 5) Traffic 6) Twist + Saturdays (with new lyrics) 7) The Axe
  5. Any one keeping track of potential songs for a new record? The Axe, I'm a Very Rude Person, I Woke Up...anything else?
  6. https://pitchfork.com/news/watch-thom-yorke-debut-new-song-the-axe/ All signs point to new music?
  7. That sounds very intriguing...
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_cGgTIvof0. What's this?
  9. It's their new release model. Mp3's are dead. It's karaoke players all the way.
  10. I love Mouse Dog Bird. I've never been a huge fan of Separator. I feel as if I would have heard it first, I may feel differently.
  11. I'm guessing another album in the same vein as Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (which I'm fine with).
  12. I go back & forth with them playing songs live before they are on an album. I have been disappointed by how some songs have ended up on the albums versus how they were live. Case in point, Mouse Dog Bird (which became Separator). I felt the live version was far better than the bland studio version. I thought the arrangement & guitar layering was incredible & the studio version was just ok. Now I will concede that True Love Waits is stellar on AMSP & I have never been a big fan of the song. The Numbers & Identikit are other ones I enjoyed better live. They had much better arrangements. I may have enjoyed them more if I had heard the studio versions first. I would love to have the willpower to resist listening to the songs they play live but some of them are still not on record. I would have missed Cut A Hole. I adore that song but am a little worried about how it will actually sound when they get around to recording it.
  13. Finally! A follow up to The Bends!
  14. It reminds my of a Funkadelic song "March to the Witch's Castle". Same basic groove. Great song though but I really liked Cut A Hole.
  15. The final song should be called "crept".
  16. Does anyone know the full track list for Thom's Bedtime mix? I have really been enjoying it but every link I find doesn't list the other tracks included.
  17. 1) Burn the Witch 2) Daydreaming 3) Decks Dark 4) Desert Island Disk 5) Ful Stop 6) Glass Eyes 7) Identikit 8) Ill Wind 9) The Numbers 10) Present Tense 11) Spectre 12) Tinker... 13) True Love Waits
  18. It says "remember the guy from the Just video? That was me..."
  19. 1) 15 step 2) Bloom 3) Burn the witch 4) Everything in its right place 5) Life in a glass house 6) Motion picture soundtrack 7) Packt like sardines in a crushed tin box 8) Seperator 9) True love waits 10) Videotape In keeping with their current alphabetical mood...
  20. It has to be out somewhere! I'm pretty surprised it hasn't surfaced yet.
  21. from what I've heard, they have lined up a bunch of DJs for stuff & will be performing around 1pm EST. I guess they will be playing the album live maybe...
  22. Allow me to WAY oversimplify the trilogies via my friend that doesn't care much for Radiohead: 1) PH-TB-OKC=men playing instruments 2) KA-AM-HTTT=men playing machines 3) IR-TKOL-AMSP=men playing instruments & machines
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