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  1. So Thom has been playing some new songs live. Am I missing anything? 1) Impossible Knots 2) I Am A Very Rude Person 3) Two Feet Off the Ground 4) Not the News 5) Traffic 6) Twist + Saturdays (with new lyrics) 7) The Axe
  2. Any one keeping track of potential songs for a new record? The Axe, I'm a Very Rude Person, I Woke Up...anything else?
  3. https://pitchfork.com/news/watch-thom-yorke-debut-new-song-the-axe/ All signs point to new music?
  4. That sounds very intriguing...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_cGgTIvof0. What's this?
  6. It's their new release model. Mp3's are dead. It's karaoke players all the way.
  7. I love Mouse Dog Bird. I've never been a huge fan of Separator. I feel as if I would have heard it first, I may feel differently.
  8. I'm guessing another album in the same vein as Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (which I'm fine with).
  9. I go back & forth with them playing songs live before they are on an album. I have been disappointed by how some songs have ended up on the albums versus how they were live. Case in point, Mouse Dog Bird (which became Separator). I felt the live version was far better than the bland studio version. I thought the arrangement & guitar layering was incredible & the studio version was just ok. Now I will concede that True Love Waits is stellar on AMSP & I have never been a big fan of the song. The Numbers & Identikit are other ones I enjoyed better live. They had much better ar
  10. Finally! A follow up to The Bends!
  11. It reminds my of a Funkadelic song "March to the Witch's Castle". Same basic groove. Great song though but I really liked Cut A Hole.
  12. The final song should be called "crept".
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