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  1. I'd say it was a pretty good attempt but you trashed HTTT and what you said about it is scientifically wrong.
  2. Of course she likes Radiohead, why else would he want her to marry him?
  3. I wish my girlfriend gave me radio Head. heh heh heh. I wish I had a girlfriend.
  4. I thought this thread was talking about how you can get hearing damage from listening to lossless quality for the longest while before I clicked on it...And yeah I openly admit that, I think that's all the appeal of Baba you know?
  5. I hope they're high quality. I mean it's outdoor party speakers, they're all supposed to hold up well right?
  6. I listened to this thing like 3, 4 times today plus playing individual tracks. Safe to say I'm addicted.
  7. Wonder if it's a real song, or AFP, or just specifically made for this thing. It is nice, but reminds me too much of Eraser b-sides though, hoping AFP is much more fresh than that.
  8. Ugh I hated that catwalk crap. But to be fair it wasn't really anything we were supposed to know about or care about, it's jsut that news was so slow.
  9. That and they're in the recording studio. http://thekingoflimbspart2.com/2011/10/13/radiohead-return-studio-year/
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