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  1. Yeah I did see that, and I’m hoping that means it’ll be out in the first half of the year since we know in the past him and the band have put out albums within just a few weeks of finishing them. But I’m not holding my breath cuz I get the impression Thom’s not as interested in shaking up the release model as he used to be.
  2. Yeah I mean maybe it’s cuz I’m younger and haven’t been a fan as long but radiohead is still my all time fave band and their last few albums are my favourite of theirs so as soon as any real developments on LPX come out I’m gonna go back into full on hype mode. I’m already kinda in early hype mode for Thom’s next solo album tbh.
  3. I really doubt any member of radiohead gives a shit about whether they make a “perfect even number” of albums.
  4. Dumbest shit I’ve ever read no offence.
  5. Check reddit there’s ppl selling Chicago tix.
  6. This is what I’m hoping for but I’d be happy with a new AFP too if they’ve somehow secretly been recording new stuff.
  7. https://twitter.com/stashkindaniel/status/967000606648029184?s=20 Looks like eraser/afp so I think there’s definitely something coming on that front soon.
  8. Oh lol it’s not for me I’m tryna help a friend get a ticket.
  9. Especially if they were calling it a mini album and not an EP.
  10. Radiohead announcing a final mini-album? That sounds like literal hell.
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