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  1. It's on here http://www.oknotok.co.uk/
  2. Nice! Feels like last May all over again, can every May be exciting like this please RH? Though I don't think I can justify paying £100 for the box set as much as I love them, not on top of the £60 for AMSP, £12 for a poster and £75 for a ticket, it'll be just vinyl for me I think. 23rd June release date, the same day as they're playing Glasto, 23 tracks on oknotok, £23 for the vinyl, what is their obsession with the number 23... Oh, of course, 23 years
  3. Just got an e-mail and tracking number!! Says it's here in 2-3 days (in the UK), which could mean it might be here Saturday
  4. Could this be what they mean??? https://tix.is/en/event/2683/secret-solstice-presents-inside-the-volcano/ Hope they stream it for those who can't realistically get to a record store, I assume they will.
  5. Well it's been a month already (crazy), and listening to album yet again today and I can still say with confidence that AMSP is a masterpiece, couldn't be much happier with it at this point. That could still change over time of course, but it feels like it could be an album I'll revisit in 10 years time and see in the same light as OKC, Kid A and Amnesiac. So good, they actually managed to get a slightly outrageous £15 for a poster out of me on top of the 60 for the special edition Burn the Witch - 10/10 Daydreaming - 9.5/10 Decks Dark - 10/10 Desert Island Disk - 9/10 Ful Stop - 9/10 Glass Eyes - 9/10 Identikit - 8/10 The Numbers - 8/10 Present Tense - 8/10 Tinker Tailor - 9/10 True Love Waits - 8/10
  6. New Friday vignette is up by ADAM BUXTON, yes, Dr Buckles himself, didn't see that coming, it's funny
  7. Bodysnatchers first track in second encore, given there's been no Amnesiac so far I'm going to presume Pyramid Song or YAWA to close. Or maybe they'll throw in a curveball and close with LSP or IMBW?
  8. Only watched half of Creep and Pyramid Song, but all I can say is wow, No Surprises for the first time since 09, TLW for the first time since 06 (not counting the EIIRP intros in 2012) and CREEP and Pyramid Song as a second encore, holy shit
  9. All 9 albums covered tonight as well, didn't see that coming ever.
  10. And now Pyramid Song finally to finish, Paris you lucky fucks!! Have they ever closed a set with PS before?
  11. WHAT, I saw it on setlist.fm and assumed it was just someone trolling again, but now I'm watching a stream and it's not a joke, THEY'RE ACTUALLY PLAYING IT
  12. Oooh wow, Separator has a nice new sound.
  13. Well that was fun, what an opening night and setlist, still feels a little bit crazy to watch an entire gig streamed online, thanks so much to the streamers, brilliant stuff.
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