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  1. praise for "MONUMENT" "this is great!!" -zachary foote
  2. uh, new song http://bloodfromtheair.bandcamp.com/track/monument
  3. huh, so it plays fine then? that's good. i've never really had this happen to me before so, it'd probably be best to keep records that are kind of prone to that sorta thing in a dark, cooler environment if at all possible. heat in general is obviously not a good thing for records
  4. where on the record did it seep onto, the grooves? compressed air blowing alongside tweezers sounds even more damaging than some glue getting on it, to be honest the OKC lp doesn't come with inner sleeves?
  5. i discovered i am immortal thanks to radiohead because the first time i heard them, i tried killing myself but to my dismay i found out i can't die do you know what it's like to live forever?
  6. nah brandon stamped on a tube of gogurt in the school bus aisle and it sprayed everywhere and then rael fell asleep in his seat and the bullies drew magic marker all over his wienie
  7. jesus christ, he's acting like he got kicked out of the fucking backstreet boys
  8. my god you are so stupid it's unfathomable, and you're a grown man
  9. did you "buy" the ableton live?
  10. oh and http://bloodfromtheair.bandcamp.com/track/an-hallucinatory-existential-cleansing-through-chaos
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