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  1. i like that he's progressing further into the silly song title thing he got going with TMB
  2. not rh but N I G H T A N D D A Y I D R E A M O F M A K I N G L O V E T O Y O U N O W B A B Y L O V E M A K I N G ! O N S C R E E N !
  3. allow me to post a picture of the typical, sophisticated rh fan in 2017:
  4. also, the day taylor swift talks about a complex issue is the day the kids stop caring about her
  5. i'm aware of the sarcasm here, but radiohead are pretty huge, and way more relevant than taylor swift will ever be
  6. yeah, but can't they disagree about what constitutes help? i think that's what's at stake more than they not caring. i don't like that you can't disagree about how helpful a particular method of helping is.
  7. it's p obvious that he could barely play the piano back then, yet he wrote this. fckn genius
  8. i didnt read about the middle finger, sorry, you're right and going to a rh concert w a palestinian flag isnt about showing soladirity really tho, it's about telling them they don't care about palestine.
  9. it's not bds supporters, it's people who paid to go to a concert to tell him he doesn't care about human rights because he disagrees with cultural boycotts of entire populations. also, saying "some fucking people" is not flipping someone off as expressing amazement at some people's nerve to tell him what to do with his life and his work, and whether he should adhere to movements he doesn't agree with
  10. *sigh* http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/thom-yorke-breaks-silence-on-israel-controversy-w485142
  11. by that measure, y'know, war crimes are kind of a "fundamental feature" of the USA
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