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  1. I don't know if this has been posted here before, but... wow... The best Radiohead song cover - if not ANY song cover - I've ever heard. xx
  2. So, if there's an EP coming out, what songs do y'all think are the most likely to appear? (I didn't want to create a separate thread.) Sure, there are songs that we all love like "The Present Tense", but I find it hard to imagine how that would translate, so choices like "I Froze Up" and "Follow Me Around" - the latter of which has quite a spooky nature to it - seem the most likely to me as full band arrangements. Still, your answers, please ! Also, the inspiration for the song "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" came from an incident where a journalist named Dan Rather was attacked and someone yelled, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" Can you guess when this incident occurred? October 4th, 1986. Even stranger, do you know when Dan Rather himself was born? October 31st, 1931. Hmm... xx
  3. OK Computer - 10 Kid A - 9 The Bends - 9 In Rainbows - 9 Amnesiac - 7 The King of Limbs - 7 Hail to the Thief - 6 Pablo Honey - 4 xx
  4. I'm currently reading the latest edition of Exit Music: The Radiohead Story and I'm enjoying it so far. Well, apart from the fact that they've listed Jonny's full name as Jonathan Gordon Greenwood. I just had to laugh and stare in awe at that . xx
  5. Does anyone think that WE are the 'Wall of Eyes'? Our constant suspicions and hawk-eyeing over every scrap and snippet of what the band are up to in regards to a new release? Just a thought... xx
  6. Well, sowweh for trying to add something of a softener for those who might have a genuinely emotional and upsetting story tied to particular songs. Hey, it could even be a blue screen of death that causes them to have difficulties, but, of course, that would be too stupid, wouldn't it, my dear? Also, I'm pretty darn sure that the majority of people would have understood that the question was about something a little more than finding certain songs difficult to get into, especially as the subtitle of the thread says "This might get a wee bit emotional". But hey, we can blame perception for that. Bad day at work or something?
  7. I'm not talking about your laptop battery dying whilst listening to "Fake Plastic Trees" or whatever, but, rather, songs that you have difficulty listening to in the sentimental sense. Me - I find it difficult listening to "How to Disappear Completely" because, around the time I first listened to it, I was going through a pretty shitty time in my life. The sound at the beginning of the song petrifies me to this very day. If you'd rather keep it to yo'self then that's all cool, but it would be cool to hear some of your stories . xx
  8. Wow, that was a fantastic read! The thing about Johnny and the towel shocked me a bit. xx
  9. OK Computer - 10 The Bends - 9.5 Kid A - 9 In Rainbows - 9 Amnesiac - 7 The King of Limbs - 6.5 Hail to the Thief - 5 Pablo Honey - 3 xx
  10. "I was wondering what you guys think about when you listen to these albums in their entirety?" Right there in the first and second lines . xx
  11. Poor "Knives Out" . My vote goes to "You and Whose Army?" xx
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