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  1. When you scroll did it go up or down?????
  2. Idea: Posts of Blocked Users to not show up when it is quoted by other posters. Fucking please
  3. None of the new songs, if they are even gonna release them on the new album, if they are even gonna release a new album even, will sound anything like what they sound now even. Trust.
  4. man I was really hoping that they played The Butcher live during the tkol tour psh
  5. Man, if people can't see how confident Thom is now and how empowering that confidence is, they literally can go sit in the corner For someone who grew up being self-conscious and made fun of for his wonky eye and singing about wanting to be perfect, watching the the recent vids he's made with all the facial close-up and dancing and stuff is fucking awesome and sexy and liberating Hella important
  6. what even also, v passive aggressive sj!
  7. Pink Section could go on a bit more tho I don't mind thx
  8. Man this record is disgustingly sexy esp through headphones I can't
  9. From Thom's twitter I see A Wolf At the Door bits there From Nigel's twitter That poster down there is from the Haiti Benefit they did before right? The prints on the drying rack kinda has the same colour scheme right? Then again, maybe this is just Dad Joke™ tweet right? Fucking hate this teasing game bs >:[
  10. '''


    I don't remember making this thread?? ._.
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