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  1. oic. I can imagine I guess, sometimes its not so bad but sometimes you don't want to be reminded of it. I don't like remembering the past, that's why I don't have long lasting friends I guess
  2. When you scroll did it go up or down?????
  3. ._. are you laughing at me /selfconscious edit: goddamn fuckijngt toop fuck fuck fucckkc
  4. Your singing reminds me of Roger's :> <3
  5. Dude those are really great covers forreal
  6. omg Collin!!!!! I didn't know you have a soundcloud this is amazing omg. Listening to MPS rn its giving me chills~ Dude you should do this more, it'll make you feel better (:
  7. Idea: Posts of Blocked Users to not show up when it is quoted by other posters. Fucking please
  8. None of the new songs, if they are even gonna release them on the new album, if they are even gonna release a new album even, will sound anything like what they sound now even. Trust.
  9. Oh yeah totes wanna draw but haven't had downtime/lack of confidence haven't been able to finish one. I started drawing when the first theme came out but didnt finish but I'll catch up one day and hopefully draw all o/
  10. man I was really hoping that they played The Butcher live during the tkol tour psh
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