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    True Love Waits, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Bullet Proof, How I Made My Millions
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    The Bends/Kid A/In Rainbows
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  1. i need to hear street spirit live before thom becomes a cave dweller.
  2. any chance of a radiohead tour to Australia ANYTIME in my lifetime? (I'm 27)
  3. Yep, and both are amazing albums. And the more I think about it this album is very much like Vespertine in many ways, soft & lush with a lot of strings and emotion. If OKC is Radiohead's Homogenic than this would be the equivalent of Vespertine.
  4. The part near the end where he's walking in the carpark, and Thom looks really sad...man.
  5. 1. Will Ed sing on the album? Only in the background 2. Will there be over 9 tracks? YES. 3. Will any song be over 6 minutes? YES. 4. Will there be a guitar solo? NO. 5. Will there be a slow piano ballad? YES. 6. Will there be a song without any drums a la I Will/Faust Arp? YES. 7. Will an orchestra feature prominently on over 3 songs? YES. 8. Will the ending song be sad? YES. 9. Will Wake Me Be on It? NO. 10. Will Present Tense be on It? NO. Bonus. Will the album be very good? YES.
  6. Really, really hoping this isn't another short album. LONG.
  7. in rainbows > everything. I really like the tkol cover but agree that tht text kinda botches it a bit.
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