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  1. @modeselektor HELLO @coachella THOM YORKE WILL JOIN US TO PERFORM "SHIPWRECK"... http://distilleryima...13817987b_7.jpg
  2. Black's definitely better, and I'd be nice if they could change the format of the quotes,it'll be great if it was enclosed in another color or something like that. Plus what happened to the date people joined the board thing that was below your avatar?
  3. Ed : "they don't know it but we will be at each other's funerals" Sad but true..
  4. So excited about this.. I hope they do play Come to your senses
  5. I do wonder what HTTF stands for.
  6. Good. I don't want The Present Tense to get the TKOL treatment.
  7. Why does Thom wear a vest to every fucking show? Ponytail? Why does Ed not sing more on Identicriss? Is Bloom the only song they can open the show with? Quad Drums? Why's Clive so fucking Bald? Why WASTE people don't get 2hrs ealier that TM people? why?
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