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  1. yeah mastering is hard! i've always been told multiple stages of small amounts of compression is the best way to go so that's what i try to do. it takes years to develop a proper ear for those sorts of things
  2. catchy! love the production too. is this straight to tape?
  3. or don't and play them anyways!
  4. just learn how to play drums!
  5. playing in like, a rock band might be had without a drummer, but i mean yeah tons of acts don't have drummers and if you can make it work than fuck it yeah
  6. ~~just get in touch with your relative minor~~
  7. almost everything i come up with stems from me piecing guitar riffs together and then coming up with a melody over it
  8. i think bandcamp lets you download flac now iirc
  9. Oh no not at all, I wish bandcamp was better that way. I can't say I use bandcamp as a website a whole ton though tbh
  10. yeah bandcamps only downside is its complete lack of social networking
  11. i use soundcloud for single songs, bandcamp for albums/eps
  12. i will consume anything ihggy curates
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