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  1. i will consume anything ihggy curates
  2. yeah for longest time i had to use a proxy, but its been fine for a couple months now. i think i may have gotten an error message once or twice in the last couple weeks though
  3. the best album named closer i've ever heard is by joy division but in fairness its the only one i've ever heard
  4. i'm open to my mind being changed but i really don't see any advantages to having everything be in one big forum
  5. whats different about it other than not having stickies
  6. around here the radio only ever plays creep or high and dry
  7. yeah i'd probably be down but i usually browse via view new topics so its all the same to me
  8. i've never seen the film but its probably the side project album i listen to the most
  9. idk maybe i'm the scourge killing mt but i adblock the shit out of these
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