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  1. on another note its well due that i took a serious break from mt and the internet as a whole
  2. hating on popular things is a good time until you realize you've spent the last # years of your life trying to impress people by it and nobody cares anyway
  3. there's a lot of things i hate about gender essentialism, but the thing i'm hating on right now is the notion that women are constantly worried about whether their friends are mad at them but guys just fight it out and be super blunt about things. i'm constantly worried if people are mad at me! i've never actually been in a physical fight with a friend and then sorted stuff out! who the fuck comes up with these things!
  4. i'm listening to houses in motion right now so i'll let you guys know how it ends and vote for that one
  5. there's less downs and no one can tackle its incredible
  6. fuck my life, so busy right now. eating and sleeping and showering just sort of happen whenever i happen to have time
  7. the only real reason metric is better than imperial is base 10 but sometimes that's the only difference you need
  8. yeah mastering is hard! i've always been told multiple stages of small amounts of compression is the best way to go so that's what i try to do. it takes years to develop a proper ear for those sorts of things
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