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  1. Yeh the dance is really fun to watch, and maybe in a few months I might even stop laughing. But the choreography just doesn't go along with the song.
  2. I'm sorry but I can't help laughing, I can't take this seriously. Maybe in a few years, maybe.
  3. Wow, AMOK is a LOT better than I imagined. I hope to see this played live someday.
  4. its about time! Where does one buy this masterpiece?
  5. No didn't take me long. In Rainbows was the first album I listened to then came Kid A, and I remember how amazing it was to finally find a song like Idioteque and House of Cards. I finally had an interest in music, it was an amazing feeling knowing that a band like Radiohead existed.
  6. this person had to pick jonny greenwood out of all the people in the world?
  7. I am so jealous right now...why did my ancestors migrate to NZ- sydney was only a few hours away *sigh*
  8. HOW??? Tell us the whole story. Was it when you guys where waiting or at the end of the show? I also heard Thom was the dj at some sydney club.
  9. Yeh he sounds great, he should do more vocals. He has an amazing voice. He also really enjoyed playing that song during concerts, it was so obvious.
  10. Sounds like you had a great time!! Argh Jonny must really hate Thom this tour. Bet he yelled at him during idioteque, not Jon Jon's fault the machine fucks up. I agree with your observations about Ed. He seems really relaxed these days. I might be wrong but when I watched videos of the In Rainbows tour he didn't look too happy on stage or maybe he was just concentrating idk? Its nice to see him loosen up. He has a very beautiful smile, I could see his face breaking into two while they played Kid A and Identikit.
  11. I'll put this here, I found this under Radiohead merchandise: http://www.cafepress.com.au/+euphonic_dissonance_ed_sexy_thong,311025068 Its Ed Thongs!
  12. 9am should be alright, the people at Auckland came around 10am and managed to get up in front of Thom.
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