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  1. do people really think that a one off show is going to delay lp9 in any way whatsoever
  2. people most definitely did and still do to an extent use the bleep-bloop pejorative to knock tkol/amok/tmb. Its not really a fair criticism of tkol but I think what people who use that are getting at is the very repetitive structure and lifeless sound even the best songs on that album fall victim to
  3. Who the fuck do you think you're taking to, Bruce? I'm gonna beat the shit out of you after 9th period watch your back fucker
  4. You weren't a part of that sequence of posts, fug off mate
  5. Just checking in to make sure everyone is aware that I was merely joking. Seems like shit is getting heated in here
  6. yeah man, Jonny needs to let Thom have his say once in awhile. Bring back the bleep bloop baby oh yeah!
  7. This. Also Jonny sounds very enthusiastic about touring in that video, sounds like they really want to get out there, not just a few one offs like in the immediate aftermath of tkol
  8. http://zedge.radiohead.com/deadairspace/101112/written-translation History appears to be repeating itself...I'm still placing my bet on an early 2016 release
  9. THINGS WE KNOW: - the band debuted a number of new, as yet to be released songs during the tkol tour: Identikit, Cut a Hole, Skirting on the Surface, and Ful Stop - the band recorded two songs at Jack White's studio in 2012, one of them being Identikit -during the AFP reddit AMA in 2013, Nigel was quoted as saying we will "definitely" hear a completed version of The Present Tense in the future - the band teased a return to the studio several times between the end of their tkol tour and 2014, but didnt actually get to it until last September - Jonny described their process recording the new album as "working in limits", a combination of old and new technologies - early this year, Jonny was confronted with the information that the band's manager let out the news that the band were working on Lift. While he didn't confirm this necessarily, he went on to say that the band resurrect an old song on each album, suggesting that one could expect the same for LP9 - last month, the band were pictured in the studio with a string orchestra - Jonny was recently quoted saying he hopes to bring more string orchestration to the band's music
  10. Second half of 2016? That seems unreasonable to me. Who knows though
  11. That would be sweet. I think a February release is quite likely. Anyone holding out for 2015 is crazy
  12. poptimism has been a big thing within the underground since the release of taytay's 1989. I am half on board
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