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  1. do people really think that a one off show is going to delay lp9 in any way whatsoever
  2. https://soundcloud.com/summerbreak2525/the-miracle-of-childbirth it's truly my soundcloud magnum opus
  3. at this point, hindsight being 20/20, I deeply regret not submitting my child birthing song for this compilation
  4. okay lets do this clearwater- personally I think this is a solid opening track, the production is pristine and I enjoy the warm tones a lot. It's an introduction, there isn't a ton of progression but it doesnt need it. left behind quick- smooth as fuck. feels very professional. Definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album, the instrumentation is great across the board, and the snaps don't feel corny, a major accomplishment. Ytho? is uranus the artist formerly known as emoticonman? It sounds a lot like the voice that opened the previous comp, "Total Troll." The vocals are slightly less impish and the soundscapes are far less amateurish than that previous offering. A bit too long IMO but enjoyable nonetheless. trials and tribs another impressively professional track. Vox aren't up to the same standard as the lush guitar work but it's not a big deal. Very good track. constance you guys continue to impress me! I was groovin to this in my car while ddriving in the rain. Its an accomplishment how you're able to keep such a chilled, long instrumental track moving along. out this one feels like a bit of a put on. the guitars are more than a little buttrock and the vox feel sarcastic. the sound is good though! jitter I like the vocals! the sound is tight, again, everyone really has a handle on production as far as I'm concerned. Compositionally speaking, this didn't do much for me. gone are the days nice bassline, reminds me of that less i know the better tame impala track that was my summer jam 2015. Vocals aren't doing it for me though and the song doesn't do a whole lot for me. #001 Wow so experimental! The first minute or so is just annoying wearing headphones. I do like that you were taking risks, that's always good. But this song is far too long for what it offers and I can't see myself revisiting it outside of this mixtape. How can you be cool? lets hop in that time machine boys and girls! The groove is catchy, very drive-able. The guitar riff that comes in midway is very nice. I wish the vocals came in sooner, they really fill out the song. As is, it could probably stand to be a couple minutes shorter. The song feels empty until the vocals come in, could def use some synth or something. Debris Gems Another more experimental track. I sorta like this one! it doesn't build to anything really but the sounds it provides are nice. The ending seems a bit pointless but that's just my opinion. Inside Your Mind This is my track. It feels decidedly out of place on this compilation I think, the messy analog sound doesn't mesh too well with the pristine crystal palace vibe of the first few tracks. I do enjoy it though listening back I would definitely mix some of the peripheral voices lower. If it weren't such a poor representation of the sound of the mixtape I would consider it a good opener. honey cake The best track is hiding in the back end of the compilation it seems. Great vocals, very moving instrumentation. This is the one track on the album that really brought some genuine emotion out in me. Great work. Shallowest Breathing A suitable ending to the compilation. The vocals are servicable enough but the song progresses very nicely and the whistling really works. Great job everyone. What it's lacking in goofy charm ( a la Total Troll) it makes up for with its superior songs and production values.
  5. lmao, fucking great cover. im gonna download this and listen to it on the commute to school
  6. people most definitely did and still do to an extent use the bleep-bloop pejorative to knock tkol/amok/tmb. Its not really a fair criticism of tkol but I think what people who use that are getting at is the very repetitive structure and lifeless sound even the best songs on that album fall victim to
  7. Who the fuck do you think you're taking to, Bruce? I'm gonna beat the shit out of you after 9th period watch your back fucker
  8. You weren't a part of that sequence of posts, fug off mate
  9. Just checking in to make sure everyone is aware that I was merely joking. Seems like shit is getting heated in here
  10. yeah man, Jonny needs to let Thom have his say once in awhile. Bring back the bleep bloop baby oh yeah!
  11. Eh, if you can sneak them in I don't see a problem, as long as it doesn't delay the release of the thing. Looking forward to hearing what everyone came up with!
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