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  1. Quite the contrary. Exactly 3 months ago was this whole issue.. "no IT ain't finished take responsibility for your writing and check your facts occasionally .. alright Jonny?"
  2. Stanley posted something (picture of a red moon) and then took it down. And then Nigel posted that tweet of the tape deck spinning. Nothing that confirms it was going to be released/announced that day, but enough to cause speculation.
  3. - creep is a very simple song from an otherwise very complex band. So it makes an easy cover for other musicians, especially those without a talented full band backing them - while the band (radiohead) might hate creep, fans (i.e. general population) still love it. If someone covered 4 Minute Warning, do you think it would be shared on Facebook, get millions of youtube hits, go viral... the things that most artists want. Of course there are the few who do covers as a tribute to the band without caring what people think, and you can still find a great range of these covers if you look for them. - I also enjoy the Postmodern Jukebox cover of Creep. She's one of the few people that I've seen actually impress me with the "she's running away" vocals. That and the Homeless Mustard version are my two favourites.
  4. Thinking, and hoping that it will sound like Portishead's '97 performance at Roseland Ballroom with all the orchestral arrangements. I've been wanting a Radiohead album like that for a long time Also, this would make a great bond song...
  5. It's also funny that we started speculating LP9 (this thread was created) 3 years ago
  6. Like it's time to stop talking about getting it done, and start actually getting it done. The end of hollow words.
  7. After the mistranslation about the album being finished, Jonny said in another interview that he guarantees we will have it in 2016. I don't have the source handy but I'm pretty sure I saw it in this thread so just read through the pages around October/November
  8. When I saw Phil live, after the show he came out and spoke with the fans. While waiting my turn I heard everyone else talking to him about Radiohead and he looked completely disinterested in the conversation, none of them really knew his music. I made sure not to be that guy.
  9. I wouldn't say 'boring', but definitely simple and straight-forward. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, Interference is simple and straight forward but I find it hauntingly beautiful. It just makes me worried that I'll get tired of it after some time, unlike most of the Radiohead discography which in contrast grows on you over time.
  10. Does anyone know why it didn't end up getting used as the theme? Radiohead's decision, or Bond film decision? Or if there's any chance of it being on LP9? I wouldn't think so, but Exit Music was first heard during the R+J that was released in '96 and OKC came out '97, so you never know
  11. Double album, one disc all new material, one disc of songs we're already familiar with... then they're going to announce an indefinite hiatus to focus on 'solo projects'. Thom will DJ, Phil will put out another album, Jonny will continue with scores/orchestral arrangements, and Ed will finally put out his own album. And there will be a 2+2=5 type opener with Big Boots. The same way that 2+2=5 was a bit of a surprise after the electronic soundscape of Kid A/Amnesiac, they'll do the same for LP9 after KOL ^ that probably won't happen, but if it does, I'll get to say "I told you so"
  12. Anyone know where I can find photos of Thom from 2002-2005 timeframe? I've skimmed through the picture thread but it's hard knowing when the photo is from. Preferably close up portraits similar to these... Thanks in advance
  13. Patrick Watson - Love Songs For Robots ^ best album since TKOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj-N5yK3Q2o (title track)
  14. I hope the recorded version sounds exactly the same as when they debuted it... just recorded properly. Here's a drawing of mine with my interpretation of the lyrics:
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