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  1. what the hell happened with this song. everything about it down to the recording quality is heavy duty shite. what the fucks?
  2. Induces these feeling of absolute sentimentality and love for the sounds that we are hearing? It is incredible. I enjoy almost all types of music and I'm telling you, this song is the only one which can continue to bring on these feeling on every play? Thing is... was this deliberate? If so, Radiohead are even better at what they do than they are given credit for as the way I feel when I listen to Let Down is the reason I listen to music
  3. this is it they left it out because Thom thought it was shite.
  4. I think they didnt even want it on the album. EMI pressured them into including it. Maybe thats why Maquiladora was left off.. but thats another story for another thread.
  5. The Bends is one of the most important records of the 1990s. It contains some of the best guitar orientated music from the decade. You cannot help but sit in aw as the crescendos of these rock masterpieces come at you sometimes like a runaway train, sometimes as subtle as the gentlest touch. Euphoric, tender, intense to use but a few adjectives to describe it. However things have changed... Radiohead are a completely different band these days. The music is great in its own way but similarities to the guise of the band during "The Bends" recording sessions are few and far between... I b
  6. Surely there is no argument against the fact that TKOL is presented in the same vein as electronic music. I mean just listen to it...
  7. I wasnt really keen to begin with but I think this era of Radiohead should be looked at as just that... "an era". An era in which Thom obviously came back fresh from playing the Eraser live a lot just before recordings. (guessing thats about right). People look back on Radiohead's body of work and can never find 2 albums with similar sound or vibe.. (Kid A / Amnesiac sessions aside) and I think this is a continuation of that. TKOL before too long, will be looked at as when radiohead took the electronic aspect of the band to an extreme for the sake of reaching that extreme. A lot of people
  8. "Distracted by irrelevance" is a great lyric
  9. This song transported me to a lake in the middle of nowhere last night. the most serene I've felt in years, albeit for only a few minutes. That's how good this song is.
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