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  1. Unreleased song roundup I Promise - This really captures (along with the video) OKC-era Radiohead perfectly, it has this nostalgic quality to it that I absolutely love and if they had just released this on its bob I would have been more than happy. Man of WAR - The first glaring problem for me is the bizarre choice of reverb on the vocal. It's especially noticeable at the start of the track. The song itself would benefit from less bombast, obviously they can't time travel and do the song again, but failing that the remaster could have been handled a bit better. The strings add very little to this, except to accentuate the thin-sounding lead guitar. Basically, not into this one. Lift - For the record, Lift is potentially my favourite Radiohead song ever, and the idea of it probably still is. However, this version sounds like multiple things at once. It was rushed, no cohesion, no production quality, clearly abandoned for good reason. I think all the elements are there, but the mix is completely lifeless, and granted this is a mastering job, what can you expect from 20 year-old unreleased songs? Hopefully for them not to sound complete pants at least. Now back to resuming radio silence...
  2. go up to him and ask him to sing 'I'm a weirdo'
  3. for reference, I actually really like the lyrics to there there. good imagery
  4. "we are accidents waiting to happen" bad lyrics no good "hey it's me i just got off the train" 10/10 most great 5 stars not terrible goodjob
  5. Faust arp was my absolute fav when I was like 14 and I heard in rainbows for the first time. Nowadays it sounds like an amateurish attempt at a beatles like acoustic thing that has already been done a squillion times before.
  6. 1. Cuttooth 2. Knives Out 3. Ful Stop 4. Lift 5. Climbing Up the Walls 6. Give Up the Ghost 7. Optimistic 8. Palo Alto 9. There, There 10. A Reminder 11. Separator / Mouse Dog Bird 12. Let Down 13. How I Made My Millons 14. The Numbers 15. I Might Be Wrong 16. Fog (Again) 17. Decks Dark 18. Present Tense 19. Jigsaw Falling into Place 20. I Can't 21. Vegetable 22. Go to Sleep 23. Meeting in the Aisle 24. The Bends 25. Nude 26. Prove Yourself 27. Daydreaming 28. Dollars and Cents 29. Kid A 30. Pearly*
  7. hahaha totally dude, i thought it may have been a bit too much at first, but it's working for me
  8. I had a nagging feeling that the album ordering didn't make me want to just sit down and listen to it as an album, which is how I listen to the majority of music, and luckily most of the songs transition well regardless of how you order them (could have been intentional, especially since the songs are alphabetically ordered), so I've actually edited the album in itunes to play like this: 1. Burn the Witch 2. Decks Dark 3. Ful Stop 4. Glass Eyes 5. Daydreaming 6. The Numbers 7. Present Tense 8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief 9. True Love Waits The omissions are obvious (I'm not a fan of either Identikit or Desert Island Disk), I just find the album a lot more pleasurable ordered like this. Especially since the first 5 songs just feel so thematically similar to me. Let me know if anyone else tries this out, just a bit of fun.
  9. third listen now, clearly subject to change: Burn the Witch (****) A really solid, wonderfully orchestrated single. However, not a song I would listen to casually. Daydreaming (*****) Fairly reminiscent of Kid A for me, has that similar glacial feel to it. Has grown on me a lot. Decks Dark (****) I absolutely love the guitar in the last minute of this track, plus the choir is a nice touch. Desert Island Disk (**) B-side material, some dodgy distortion on vocals on second half of song, it's a nice idea, but severely limited by it's repetitious nature. Ful Stop (*****) I love the vocal delivery, the way the percussion and the guitars come in, was immediately up there with my all time favourites. Still is. Glass Eyes (***) The swelling strings and piano are actually incredible, however I am not a huge fan of Thom's vocals all over it. Oh well. Identikit (***) Too many missteps in one song, takes too long to kick in and the song itself is just not all there, and that solo kind of blows. Extra points for a fairly interesting mid-section though. The Numbers (*****) Probably the most unique arrangement, the strings add an interesting flavour to the mix, and that bassline. Present Tense (***) I feel this version plays it maybe a little too safe. However reminds me of Gerudo Valley's music and that's never a bad thing. TTSSRMPMBMT (*****) I absolutely love the lush ambience of this song, this song has Jonny's cinematic scoring all over it. True Love Waits (***) I prefer the acoustic version, and even then it wasn't a song I actually really listened to. It does sit well with the rest of the recordings however. Verdict: strong 7 to a light 8
  10. yeah i noticed it distorts a bit near the end of Desert Island Disk
  11. So... songs from best to worst? Ful Stop Decks Dark Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief The Numbers Burn the Witch Daydreaming Glass Eyes Desert Island Disk Present Tense True Love Waits Identikit
  12. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I felt it was good return to form. It featured way more older songs that we've already heard than I was expecting, but was pleasantly surprised at how (for lack of a better word) new they all sounded. The album shoots off in so many different directions whilst never really achieving any particular sound, however I think this for the most part works to their advantage. For the majority of the tracks Radiohead have employed subtlety rather than the typical swells of emotion. By far my favourites on the album are Ful Stop and Decks Dark, both are exceptional songs that constantly evolve in strange and remarkable ways. I also think there are few songs on the album which will sound better over time, such as The Numbers and the penultimate track, so it was definitely worth all the anticipation in my opinion.
  13. fuck the identikit beat really fucked with my head when the vox kicked in until it snapped into place, anyone else get that?
  14. dunno kinda glad, skirting was kinda a boring song for me almost at the end of daydreaming... listening to this album whole
  15. some guy has conffirmed matt bellamy plays guitar and sings on the album, like shit man should have spoilered that oh no
  16. if the album is called A Moon Shaped Pool, I fucking quit lol
  17. I think if they released Give Up the Ghost before TKOL, most would have assumed that was the last track on that album. Not to say they're going to follow Daydreaming with a song like Separator, but I'm getting the same vibes with the way both tracks end.
  18. would like to see a first impressions thread, quite like seeing opposing opinions rather than a stream of unanimous praise. EDIT: also a chatroom thing during the stream would be megacool
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