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  1. Nah, you can tell it's fake - Thom and Jonny wouldn't order extra ham.
  2. Yeah, that's what I thought about later on. But somehow it'd be funnier and more absurd if the thing had been made up in Brasil. And that article - man, what a great read. You gotta admit it takes a lot of creativity to come up with this kind of analysis and probably even more guts to publish it. I especially liked the bit about the screens that 'move too much and show too litlle' and the profound observation on the audience's profiles. However, I can't forgive this de Lisle guy calling Radiohead 'not cuddly'.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2247494/Radiohead-guitarist-forced-deny-hiding-Brazilian-hotel-wait-Mayan-prediction-world-end.html I mean, WTF? I have some feeling though that he might really have been spotted there, proably just holidaymaking and stuff. Or maybe... ims menoo? And please excuse me the perversity of quoting The Daily Mail.
  4. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/richest-rock-lead-singers-world/ Quite an entertaining read, though I can't tell how credible. Still, I expected some more millions from Thom tbh ;p (And funny how Zack de la Rocha even made it to the list, let alone that high...) Anyway, I hope it's ok to post it here, fun&curiosity reasons were my only motivation. I don't wanna be the one to be blamed if some vile creature got the idea to rob/marry Thom.
  5. Not bad. Quite a pleasant surprise that it's more like the Eraser than twisttwisttwisttwist. In all seriousness though, there is something interesting, so I'll give it more listens. Maybe it's just me hallucinating, but doesn't it have something Bond-like going on in some places? (Not as obvious as Big Boots or DITNU, of course. Probably this association'll disappear after multiple listens).
  6. You and Whose Army. Not that it's my absolute favourite or something, but it always feels kinda short, though I've nver repeated more than once.
  7. Shit, tough choice. It's a tie between Lucky and LSP. And then I saw other options and remembered MB and Jigsaw, which are brilliant as well. LSP is innovative and touching and certainly one of the highlights of the album. Then again, Lucky has a more powerful emotional impact for me and it was the penultimate song for my first gig, so the crown goes to Lucky.
  8. OKC definitely. Competition is pretty tough for the second spot though - I'd probably say IR.
  9. Because they had like one week to rearrange things and they already had a deal with the venue and it wasn't their intention to play there in the autumn, to start with? That said, I'd prefer it if the gig was rescheduled to August. The date is a bit inconvenient tbh, I don't have all the information yet if we'll be free to go at that time, so I just keep hoping and trying to be optimistic about it, but this uncertainty and minor obstacles and inconveniences make me a bit anxious. To clarify, I'm not complaining or pointing out any mistake or anything like that - it would be totally foolish an
  10. Rescheduled European Dates We have new dates for the postponed shows. They are as follows: SEPTEMBER Thursday 20th - Switzerland, Canton de Vaud - Quarry of St Triphon Saturday 22nd - Italy, Roma - Hyppodrome Capanelle - Rock in Roma Sunday 23rd - Italy, Florence - Parco Delle Cascine Tuesday 25th - Italy, Bologna - Arena Parco Nord Wednesday 26th - Italy, Codroipo (Udine) - Villa Manin Saturday 29th - Germany, Berlin - Wuhlheide (this replaces the 6th July show) Sunday 30th - Germany, Berlin - Wuhlheide (this replaces the 7th July show) All original tickets are valid for t
  11. I'm grateful to them for that information and really appreciate how they're handling the situation (and I expected nothing less). I'm sure they've chosen the best solution possible. Hopefully, the new Berlin date(s) will be August or early September, otherwise me and my sister most likely won't be able to make it. It's not improbable given the space between July and October, though it might be hard to get things set in different places to make the tour fluent. But I don't suppose it would matter much in these circumstances, and I don't think they're going to worry about carbon footprint no
  12. The sooner the situation clarifies, the better. Personally, I'd be obviously upset if they decided to cancel the tour, but it would be perfectly understandable. If they need some time to recover and regain balance, no fan would blame them for that. Then again, there's this part of me that likes to believe that Radiohead themselves, as mature people and artists, can and will cope with it. I think this unexpected and painful experience will make them even stronger and despite the giref, shock and fear they'll be determined to go on at some point. So while the immediate concerts are still up
  13. Horrible news - condolences for the people who suffered in this accident and their loved ones. I'm sorry for the fans, especially those for whom it would be the only show on this tour. I imagine the band and the crew must be affected by that. I'm getting quite worried about the European leg. If the majority of the equipment got destroyed, I can't imagine how much time it would take to replace it - I really can't tell if 2-3 weeks is enough. Of course, even if they did cancel the following dates, they'd most likely be rescheduled for some other time, but if it wasn't during the holiday I pr
  14. I think I preferred the piano version (not that I listened to it much). Maybe because it was more dynamic and the piano line could be regarded as and obvious and immediate hook? About this one, I suppose it'll turn out to be a grower. On my very first impression - doesn't seem to go anywhere and seems a bit diluted in a similar way to House of Cards. Of course I'm not dismissing it yet - I think that I'll warm up to it in time and if it's placed on an album, I have a feeling its context might help a lot.
  15. I just wanna say I'm loving Identikit even more now. So dark, hypnotic and addictive. Awesome. The melody's amazing - it sounds so 'typically Radiohead' on the one hand, and on the other I can feel it incorporates the vocal invention in the spirit of TKOL. The beat is sick. Jonny's guitar work is brilliant. And Ed never got this much to sing I guess. Definitely my favourite piece that has come out in the whole TKOL-era. I'm going to take a risk and say 'good old Radiohead' and not be ashamed of my conservative taste. As for Cut a Hole - it's promising at least. Love its Big Boots sor
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