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  1. Hi, just read this: "A second pressing (of the vinyl) has commenced. This item will ship early November." Was the first pressing delivered yet?
  2. This is me: Open the Floodgates ala Give Up the Ghost cover it sucks...
  3. no, it's not just because of the guitar thing ... the question is, if Thom has a side project and he does the exact same thing as with Radiohead, then why is he doing it? you can give me tons of reasons, and they'll all be ok, but it will always be weird... but i'm glad that until now, this song is the only one that sounds VERY Radiohead-ish, the rest are different (more "electronic" if you want), even though it's still RH's singer (it's difficult to separate both bands). In a way RHish songs are a lot more safer with AFP, but i believe that's not what he wants to do with this side project, 'cause normally you make a side project when you want to do something different from your actual band. I still like this song, don't get me wrong!
  4. identikit sucks (at least live)... don't understand the fascination for this and skirting... it's not bad, but they could come up with a better version, yes, the piano one is still way much better...
  5. yes, the same here, i guess there's nothing to worry about
  6. yes, this can not pass January... i guess those pictures are just made with a decent printer, that can't be the real album, i mean, not with that black edge 'round the artwork...
  7. Tower Records from Japan are taking preorders: Date for Japan: Feb 19 apparently https://twitter.com/TOWER_Kichijoji/status/286487172679352321/photo/1
  8. Nigel: In Rainbows songs evolved/changed a lot from live to the final studio versions (videotape, 4 minute warning, go slowly, etc), what was the main idea or theme you decided to follow for the album production (that made those songs change for the album)?
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