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  1. just didn't see the link at first thisis a very early post
  2. i thought you were taking the piss i know someone who knows the feeling
  3. i have a mental block with that thread too big - too fast like a supernova in the champagne in the sky
  4. brilliant! and that's a good webcam shot actually
  5. did someone just punch me in the stomack? patrick...
  6. someone in the comments section of greenplastic mentions MF Doom.
  7. i would. but money makes me do weird things.
  8. i take the "guitar" part back. it's a bass, at Latitude. i'm am mortified by my absent-numbmindedness, ... it's just not colin's bass
  9. nooo i am so wrong see, i originally thought the riff was made with a bass, and i remember being surprised when i watched latitude because he'd pulled out a guitar. he does use a guitar. my bad don't listen to me. there's water in my ears. yeah it's an awesome thread for reference. that's what i dig about it. and the pics/content of course
  10. the tobacco sunburst fender coronado is the one thom played the harrowodwn hill opening riff on at the Latitude fest, eh? megadrool also, wow, that's a great thread thanks
  11. trees rule. they're majestic. old. essential. i can't believe people cut them down. when my hand reaches for the toilet paper, i close my eyes and imagine clicking on the carbon offset button in my heart - i think they will grow back. only there might be no one left on this planet to enjoy their beauty and their meaning. What kind of world are we leaving for our children when trees have no economic value until they are cut down.
  12. anyone know what was played exactly during this video? gotta be a way of mp3-ing that, for shits and fiddles bud is cheaper in canada, budweiser stronger
  13. (sigh) dear missing emoticons, i miss you lots. i hope you're enjoying your stay in the mt tardis. fondly, walter
  14. bones was played on the radio along with high and dry one night, slightly before the bends came out; i had been waiting all day to hear that. i remember. i was already pretty fanatic i guess.
  15. great pacific garbage patch audience must swim to it on a polyethylene Part 2 raft
  16. a reminder i thought you asked what rh guitar we like most
  17. softwares are great to help translate, but by themselves, they're quite offensive. but it's still fun to play with them once in a mile.
  18. ok i'm gonna give that a try: äsch god. jag var inte säker jag var varelse rolig.
  19. if anybody wonders what berserk and neel just said, here's what the internet tells me: neel: Cheers as much as. the is the. Berserk: Sore, it was so few so. i love this scandinavian talk
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