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  1. To listen to, exit. To play and sing, lucky.
  2. you, fake plastic trees, paranoid android, kid a, i might be wrong, 2+2=5, 15 step, feral, and amazing sounds for b-sides.
  3. aand where did this go? in the red toque file?
  4. It's all good mate. Tons of us have made or wanted to make threads like yours. Your energy is fresh and nice. But I am ready to bet that you will listen to TKOL again.
  5. "Never" is a promise? Brrr... promises are scary. I always go back and forth between RH studio and live. Great things have consistantly come out of both, because I think they enjoy doing both. The Basement sessions are such a treat in that respect, because they combine those two things in a very unique way. The live songs are going to evolve too. They just started playing them. But now they need more shows. Where are they? Oh yeah. Family lives. It will allow me to catch up, cause I'm still at Glasto.
  6. Whatever the man in "Just" says is pretty embarrassing.
  7. Well, I don't think they are rare although they were probably made in limited numbers, I don't personally have them yet - but am obviously tempted for my Radiohead scrapbooking - and i don't know when they were made. Do you have them on display or something? They'd be cool in a frame eh?
  8. Those were sold in w.a.s.te. merch section, weren't they? They nice.
  9. Sparklehorse did open, and they were quite great. Unfortunately, the crowd was too antsy for Radiohead and booed Sparkle. Before RH started playing Street Spirit, Thom said he dedicated the song to Sparklehorse. It made me happy. Bishop Robes was such a treat. I can never forget this song.
  10. I am looking for any picture of the following gig: 1997 - Toulouse, France, October 22nd I will lick your shoes.
  11. What was Jonny's site?
  12. i was just pointing out (at) the stripped down aspect of the character. that's what chedid did with mister mystère who is the dying or disappearing version of his previous flamboyant character "M"; i've found that radiohead's musical style is now more clearly different and focused than ever before the bowler hat is kind of a more grown up thing too maybe, no crazy hair or toque, something neutral and styley in which he is comfortable enough to pull out a solo choreography/dance hard to explain, but it was just a fleeting impression of similarity, even if you knew chedid, you might not get or agree with that.
  13. wolf at the door? skip divided? yes, the crooning effect on the voice makes the song so appealing, but i dig the fast pace during the shows, it's like a runaway train, pure fury. a different mood altogether, granted, but i don't think i could ever pick which version is my favourite (me have strong love for i might be wrong)
  14. yes. it's true. i haven't seen it in a while and i wasn't sure if it still grabbed me but it's really breath-taking too. wasn't there a vid for rabbit in your headlights. i guess i could pull my top five now, with fpt
  15. street spirit is my fave. the first few seconds just make something die inside of me every time. you know, when thom lets himself fall backwards. i have a strange taste for things that make me die a little inside. lotus flower is a bomb. i was really in awe at first, then i thought about the aesthetics of mister mystère's character (mathieu chedid's last album - see pic), and about charlie chaplin.
  16. did he not wear a speedo in brazil? he's more in touch with his sensuality these days?
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