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  1. does it sound like ? mine sounds more like thanks again, ihggy
  2. Oh boo, it's working for me. I'm going to give it a few listens, but so far I'm digging.
  3. walter ego

    my music

    What would you do if you had $732?
  4. hey i'm going to submit from this account instead of the paws button one. please and thank you.
  5. it was for a fundraiser to liberate the shit out of you if i recall correctly
  6. lotus flower i do all the dance moves from the video so i make sure i leave lotsa space around me tkol for driving yeah baby my car is a boom box with red pants
  7. Don't worry they'll get there. Just hoping it won't be a goddamn festival.
  8. But Radiohead themselves didn't provide the lyrics to their songs, or did they?
  9. Just. Man, if I had a cell phone, I'd make that shit ring on the bus aaaaaall the time!
  10. i'm quoting this kickass comment: Most epic guitar riff ever. It's like´╗┐ Jonny has a masturbation disorder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFLe35sReWA
  11. I recently discovered that the TKOL CD contains no visual artwork, no pictures, like for IR. I wanted to print some art and I was totally bummed. There's got to be links somewhere, I think they should offer to download it through w.a.s.t.e., maybe they do.
  12. One of those instances when you're just too lazy to switch the music? How did OK Computer help?
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