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  1. On 10/6/2019 at 1:23 AM, Skuj said:

    WTF? No posts yet? I consider myself mostly retired from here, because....well....Lenny/Till/Whateverthefuck.....but I still lurk when EVENTS happen. But I'm the first to post about Ed's new music? Kill me now. 

    Edit: Sorry I was rather cranky when I wrote this. Too much CNN/Trumpism. I apologize.

    From now on, it will be: Lentil

  2. I will update/complete this.


    1-I picture myself underwater, and the voice sounds would come from the surface, hence the distortion. It's beautiful and appeasing. I feel like I am a seal made of crystal. It's a fairly simple arrangement yet very full.
    2-Really dig the song structure and layering. Not too sure about the synth in the background, they don't seem out of place, but the song is already rich in sounds, and maybe the synth wouldn't be missed if they weren't there. It's good all along, and chill.
    3-This is dark and creepy and really good. I guess the voice reminds me of massive attack, but maybe also the general vibe. I really like the atmosphere.
    4-This one is taking more time for me. I dig the music, and the singing is good, but it doesn't grab me.
    5-I love it, especially the beat. Very flawless mix of course. I dig how tension builds up up until the harp-y sounds. It's like a very suspenseful story. Drug-induced.
    6-I think it's a good song, a good performance, a good mix. Whatever effects have been applied to the voice are just not doing it for me. Seems like a nice solid voice that deserves to sound more natural.
    7-Very exciting song for me: reminds me of some stuff by one of my favourite bands Tue-Loup, especially the dissonant/unresolved chords. Catchy. Dense. I like the singing and voice, as well as how the guitars and bass and drums sound. What's your contribution? Guitar? Voice? Is this a one take with your band? Either way, it seems like it would be demanding to play and not easy to put together.
    9-Nice play with tension and relief. Unnerving. Can't help but think of Tétines noires, another great band. The "boom" is killer.
    10-Ridiculously good. Subtle and fun. A great tune to walk to the gas station. I should get my headphones out.
    11-(my track) I intend on finishing this, because I think it could be good, but without a deadline, the momentum is floating in the air. The file i meant to submit did not include the last 30 seconds.
    13-Beautiful, as always. Nice arrangement. The sound quality of the latest recordings finally does justice to your songs. More!
    14-I love it. A great song for your voice. I think I could do with less reverb on the guitar solo, but it closes off the song nice and tight, timing wise. I agree that the voice is fainter, but I actually like it this way. Good writing and good arrangement.

    Altogether, it's a very nice comp to listen to, and some tracks have really blown my mind. Thanks so much everyone!

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