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  1. I didn't fall in love with it right away, I'll give you that. But I feel more attached to it every time I listen to it. And enjoy hearing or recognising bits and pieces of earlier works, but it's challenging too, yet at most time now, I hear less cacophonous chaos and more cohesion. Similar to my experience with Amok. Which two songs are you talking about?
  2. Yeah I popped a couple of tunes yesterday and was like, shiii, that's not ambient at all.
  3. what. wait. no... well i fucking love it. pulled it out of the shelf this week.
  4. I have recently developed more of a taste for ambient, so I think I'm going give this album a try. Gauge its listenability.
  5. What is "stans"? Ok, got it. I thought it would be more obscure than that.
  6. I meant to answer Other, because I really dig what Kristen did with In Limbo and Kid A. You can check it out there if you'd like: https://soundcloud.com/wondermilk
  7. I know none of these. You peaked my interest. Be right back.
  8. "Radiohead bass player Ed O’Brien" 🤭 Man, I hope Colin didn't get kicked out.
  9. Finally watched the movie. It's tense, man. I loved the smoking. So true. I do want to watch the original now.
  10. fog Just learned to play it, so. I also listened to the other version for the first time recently. How can that be. I like the stripped down one best so far. It's a bit fast and furious like i might be wrong in the live recordings.
  11. Man, I just stumbled on Bloom by just Thom, the Electric Lady studios recordings. 😮
  12. I just realised you can download the audio bits from the citizeninsane pages now this is amazing-zing-zing 😮
  13. So if you find other performances from the FTB series, you can compare the look of the two different studios, no?
  14. I thought of you dag. I just found this live version of Down is the new up from 2006 that's really good. I LOVE how they played that song that year, and I have been listening to the Toronto version because it's the least worst, sound-quality wise, but this one might be up to your standards. And you may have it already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC3WJeSda38
  15. How dare you downvote me, lentil. Gonna make fucking dahl outta you.
  16. You could try to hit up sheepchair or Austin Brock on youtube. They had collected massive amounts of live files from what i remember
  17. This would be good in the RH library thread, super j. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Jigsaw with the cameras on helmet bikes is hilarious. Ed doesn't seem convinced.
  19. Have you been yet? It's a bit hard to find stuff but it's nice to browse. I'm quite happy they did this.
  20. We just made burgers and yam fries, and I can't wait to dip everything in the tartar sauce.
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