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  1. You'd like the tapes to play them, or just for collecting?
  2. I'm interested in whatever Stan and Thom wrote during the making ofs, that is not scribbled. And the b-sides. And a different vinyl set up. Not big into the "KID A MNESIAC" branding, but it's pretty logical so I don't think they put much effort into it.
  3. I had a dream that I could see what the man says, but I forget now.
  4. What would be the reasoning behind RH pulling out the Amnesiac tracks from iTunes before a reissue?
  5. Kid a has kid a. It wouldn't be kid a otherwise. It makes it my fave out of the two.
  6. I didn't fall in love with it right away, I'll give you that. But I feel more attached to it every time I listen to it. And enjoy hearing or recognising bits and pieces of earlier works, but it's challenging too, yet at most time now, I hear less cacophonous chaos and more cohesion. Similar to my experience with Amok. Which two songs are you talking about?
  7. Yeah I popped a couple of tunes yesterday and was like, shiii, that's not ambient at all.
  8. I have recently developed more of a taste for ambient, so I think I'm going give this album a try. Gauge its listenability.
  9. What is "stans"? Ok, got it. I thought it would be more obscure than that.
  10. "Radiohead bass player Ed O’Brien" 🤭 Man, I hope Colin didn't get kicked out.
  11. Finally watched the movie. It's tense, man. I loved the smoking. So true. I do want to watch the original now.
  12. fog Just learned to play it, so. I also listened to the other version for the first time recently. How can that be. I like the stripped down one best so far. It's a bit fast and furious like i might be wrong in the live recordings.
  13. Man, I just stumbled on Bloom by just Thom, the Electric Lady studios recordings. 😮
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