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  1. Darkest Hour -- I enjoyed it a lot. Makes me want to learn more about that part of WW2. I also saw an episode of Twilight Zone (modern version) called The Comedian that I liked a lot. I was pleasantly surprised as I am prejudiced with remakes. Then the AbFab movie. I am not into AbFab anymore, but some moments, after the part where they get onto the Budget airplane, made it worth watching. A documentary on Stephen King. I didn't know that much about him and his work, and now I want to read some of the books, like Carrie. Bicycle Thieves, also. I really liked it. Reminds me of Hanif Kureshi or Mike Leigh movies a bit. Re-watched Leon, and it's overrated, despite a beautiful cinematography. The little girl gets annoying way too fast. But I remember hearing that Besson wrote most of the plots early in his life before he was able to make them into movies, which could explain why movies like Subway, The Big Blue, Nikita are quite simplistic. The Fifth Element was somewhat deeper.
  2. Good stance, great costume, awesome shot. Blurry shot for me, also, not my arm.
  3. Dead mouse in the house this morning. Don't tell me my cat shouldn't roam free and nobody would get hurt.
  4. Yes but it's hard on the knees. The ankles. The back.
  5. I remember breaking a door here once. Looks like somebody kicked the ceiling
  6. I wouldn't mind staying in this bathroom stall all day
  7. Today rain. Leaves. I need to take my herbs in. That fresh parsley on my tagine was so delicious.
  8. Plans for the weekend? I must start prepping for a trip (cat sitting, yard and house); do some work; go to taiji; do my balance exercises; build a bird house; bicycle repairs; recording music My big event of the day was to cancel my order at the restaurant when I realised they were broadcasting rodeo. I don't know if I would have done that a few years ago, and I wonder why, because it is unbearable. I never liked rodeo and always considered it was animal torture for the pleasure of a few idiots with a cowboy hat.
  9. I was riding along a residential street today up this three way intersection. I did not have a stop sign. I saw a car stop at the stop sign on my right hand side, and slowed down, anticipating the usual, ie, the worst. The lady almost went to a complete stop, looked to her right first - wrong, but predictable - then to her left, so I started thinking "Surely, now she saw me.", and she went ahead and almost hit me. I had to slam the brakes to avoid her. She kept driving and turned onto my street, oh so convenient, and carried on further up before parking on the wrong side of said street. When I caught up to her, I was panting, because the street is uphill, she said something along the lines of "May I help you?". I remained civil and explained and she apologized profusely and asked if I was alright and it was alright although she was probably taking the piss, I dunno... But then I lost her, because she said "I'm surprised you're not wearing a helmet!", almost chipper, and I had to hold back big time. It was my first time someone was uttering these words after they just about maimed me. A new feeling. A new wave. Hands off the handle bar. I glide in the dark through the bullshit. Hard foam and plastic. Good to go. Jesus fucking shite.
  10. Elmir totally thinks he's the first mammal to wear pants.
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