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  1. There's another version of Free in the knowledge on YT, and a few more tit bits on IG. Thin thing, among them, and Blue-eyed fox.
  2. The art book is beautiful. It's nice to have everything in one place. I'm getting a better sense of the process, the themes and the mood. It's quite funny too.
  3. Thom was right. It's just a complete head fuck. https://twitter.com/i/status/1436074594377637891
  4. That would make sense,... Damn... it's gone. So it was likely legit then. It woke some old feelings in me. Drop the cookie already, November 5. Correction: it's still on Twitter. https://twitter.com/radiohead/status/1435256713163198465?s=21
  5. Finally sold out in the US store. I no longer have to reconsider every morning. I don't know why I jumped on the tapes faster, but it looks like it was a good impulse.
  6. I haven't been able to figure out yet if the recording of this song is old or recent
  7. You'd like the tapes to play them, or just for collecting?
  8. I'm interested in whatever Stan and Thom wrote during the making ofs, that is not scribbled. And the b-sides. And a different vinyl set up. Not big into the "KID A MNESIAC" branding, but it's pretty logical so I don't think they put much effort into it.
  9. I had a dream that I could see what the man says, but I forget now.
  10. What would be the reasoning behind RH pulling out the Amnesiac tracks from iTunes before a reissue?
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