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  1. people think i left cause master thread? hha

    1. skylark


      no hard feelings thomas... i wouldnt shit u... youre my favorite turd

    2. Hippopothomas J
  2. i should start lurking more, stop posting altogether

  3. i never kno where hes at, how often does he post, should i call his brother hHhahaah

  4. hey tell jake to mail me som sour kush im dyin

  5. damn it, switching accounts didnt even work sorry

  6. hey aisfle this is skylark, never argue with me again ok

  7. yeah so glad i started posting at 27 yrs old, still some good dirt out there though, kind of thankful i was ignored those first few months hah

  8. im not goin anywhere

  9. thanks, man half the posters here hate me while the other half complain of my constantly seeking validation. rock and a hard place

  10. Double Trouble 3!! Keep em comin!

  11. double trouble two is fantastic, cant believe these two recordings are 25 yrs apart

    are these the same players as the last one?

  12. gotta 97 cavelier now, may be sooner than you think

  13. durbin, i always return back to durbin poison, i luv it, it has that new car taste

  14. no probs, thats why i was hoping there were links already laying around, take your time karl

  15. DLing and cant wait to hear that 98 ljco

    also, do you have any links to that keith rowe bunnies performance you posted in the 'albums heard this week' thread

  16. oh, i mean jar them...



  17. refrigerate your foods brah

  18. hmmmm, my vlc player is playing them fine, the prevost sounds on the level, the rowe sounds... very subtle, like the first track is literally just a few honks, is it the rowe one you were talking about?

  19. ooh just listened to kontakta

    got a real good feeling from that

  20. no, didnt take to abruptum but i recently became obsessed with boards of canada

  21. ive been listening to alot of your links lately, good morning good night was very subtle, i need multiple listens to get that, What was that wolfman haha that was somethin else forlorn green is my favorite but i still have more to listen to

  22. thanks for the prevost! im on my way to the rowe link in om

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