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  1. 7 psychos and the little person confused as dead child movie really arent that great either
  2. I often struggle with the justification of slavery in both the old and new testament, my question is do you think an anti slavery religion couldve survived in the times of the old testament?
  3. i think these dates should be kept on another server
  4. and never watch strangers on a train with your contract killer
  5. find anything interesting worth mentioning
  6. sounds like a majority of second half landed on final version of lotus flower
  7. hoserama did u ever get any interesting trades for full version of come to your senses?
  8. thom said hed never record w banjo so id expect that replaced
  9. i coulda pushed enter a few times or typed commas ddnt mean to offend
  10. good music though i recommend the soundtrack the first few songs are exceptionally good
  11. i didnt find the characters very well developed it was kind of a poor mans taxi driver like that movie drive, i fear a wave of dramas/action with same character development youd find in horror films, by that i mean none and its completely replaced with stylized themes and action this wasnt action movie though they steered the camera away from action as muc as possible
  12. people get away scottfree with throwing names all over the place, i hate how skrillex music is called dubstep when it has no 2 step drums whatsoever, some college kids jus liked the name and i guess no one cares and nwo we have a drum n bass 2 step dubstep and a club wobble dubstep that sound nothing at all alike but share a name its easy to say anything that sounds before its time is 'progressive' and anything with wind instruments added is 'jazz influenced' and most definitely easy to say anything that has multiple influences is 'postmodern,' postmodern is not always used by its definition, people put multifluenced music in that category because everything has already been done under the sun and because this band had to incorporate indian influence or african drum etc to sound new and fresh, its same reason and rhyme as postrock im not justifying it, im pointing out how lazy it is but its the language everyone uses, like you can go around calling red the color blue to people and i can assure you it will never catch on hha i hope postrock and dubstep go same way as pluto and are categorized as the dwarves they are someday
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