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  1. find anything interesting worth mentioning
  2. sounds like a majority of second half landed on final version of lotus flower
  3. hoserama did u ever get any interesting trades for full version of come to your senses?
  4. thom said hed never record w banjo so id expect that replaced
  5. people get away scottfree with throwing names all over the place, i hate how skrillex music is called dubstep when it has no 2 step drums whatsoever, some college kids jus liked the name and i guess no one cares and nwo we have a drum n bass 2 step dubstep and a club wobble dubstep that sound nothing at all alike but share a name its easy to say anything that sounds before its time is 'progressive' and anything with wind instruments added is 'jazz influenced' and most definitely easy to say anything that has multiple influences is 'postmodern,' postmodern is not always used by its definition, people put multifluenced music in that category because everything has already been done under the sun and because this band had to incorporate indian influence or african drum etc to sound new and fresh, its same reason and rhyme as postrock im not justifying it, im pointing out how lazy it is but its the language everyone uses, like you can go around calling red the color blue to people and i can assure you it will never catch on hha i hope postrock and dubstep go same way as pluto and are categorized as the dwarves they are someday
  6. for me u have to break it down track by track in terms of influences and categories radiohead has a lot of unique and original styles as well i guess you are one that doesnt accept post rock term
  7. oh so you jus want to categorize it as sophistipop
  8. at this point im not expecting any major shifts in their sound, as a matter of fact im seeing a recent disarming of universal concepts and micromanaged tracklisting there was alot more effort put into hail to the thief tracklisting than a moon shaped pool from what i can tell from the band unloading unreleased catalogue in past years with oknotok and amsp it either signals an end or hopefully im wrong and amsp was a loosened approach to hanging out with old friends and making music together and releasing those bits as effortlessly as possible to ensure that they all look forward to seeing eachother again in 4 years for new album
  9. yes its defintely stress related, i pretty much lost everything last year for crohns, trying humira would be worthwhile, but i cant see the logic in attacking my otherwise healthy immune system for superficial reasons, id rather be a healthy guy with bad skin than a cadaver with great skin/ quality of life yeah cuz i dont suffer i actually have a picture of myself in my mind independent of the disease and sometimes im surprised when i catch my reflection thats good you found someone, dont fret over differences, life is about new experiences and the perfect time to experience new stuff is when your man/woman drags you somewhere you dont want to go
  10. sameway i feel about the sweet release of suicide how u been noggy? day at a time, i had 2 stepdaughters that i lost as well, no more women w kids congrats man thats great! whats she like? and not good http://s804.photobucket.com/user/222petedux/media/IMG_3597_zpssnpc03wz.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
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