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  1. actually, under 3 minutes. i managed to get tickets, thank god
  2. did we ever actually verify what that signed 2 track 12" that one random person got had on it? or did we just assume it was supercollider / the butcher?
  3. i was actually GOING CRAZY at school today after i found out about this. they better come to chicago...not at night...on monday...OR ELSE. i MUST get my hands on one of these newspapers...
  4. and chieftan's background is more jumbled now...
  5. well, at least now we're pretty sure there's a tour.
  6. haha yeah that makes sense...but i feel like i would go crazy if i saw him randomly!! in my dreams though i walk into an old cafe and i sit down at the bar and he's there next to me and i casually say "hey" as if he's any normal guy and he doesn't get pee oh'd at me
  7. so doesn't ANYONE recognize him? he looks pretty unique...
  8. what kind of plane do you think he takes? definitely not a private one, because he loves the environment, but also not a public one, because he hates fans fawning over him publicly (apparently. i've never met him...but i will one day!! ). so does he just fly first class? does he go through the "secret back door" to get on the plane?
  9. okay, i'm not sure what's been happening today (besides something about a TKOL promo disc on the part 2 speculation website), but going back to that banner with the 4 pairs of hands on it, i realized something. everyone is saying that it's fake (which it's not - it's an official ad placed by google) in part because it doesn't seem to be high quality. but isn't it possible that it looks bad because someone at tbd just did a bad job at putting together the ad? i'm sure tbd makes the banners, because clicking on the link goes to them, and they're the label, so advertising would logically fall into their arena. but anyway, isn't it possible that RH just supplied a bunch of separate images to tbd to put together and make the banners? maybe the banners that look good were only made of two separate images superimposed, so they were easy to put together, while the banners that look bad were made of more than two images (the "march 29" part, the "the king of limbs" part, the hands, the background) and someone at tbd just did a bad job of putting the images together. doesn't that make sense?
  10. don't worry- i think it's an AWESOME seed.
  11. Wait, I can't tell if the question mark and the lol emoticons is a combined effort to make fun of me feeling the need to be credited, or if the question mark is a part of my username and the lol emoticon is just meant to be a really happy face.
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