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  1. Optimistic charted because the band told radio stations they could choose which track to play and that's the one they chose to play since it sounded most like a regular rock song.
  2. Why not just listen to the albums
  3. I hate prog rock so no Radiohead isn't progressive I refuse to think of it as such
  4. I can't understand the mentality of the 11 people who voted for Colin.
  5. I didn't see anybody being sarcastic here. Stop being so sensitive.
  6. I feel nothing but pity bordering on contempt for the newer "fans". I have been a fan since 1991. I still remember the controversy among the fans when On a Friday became Radiohead and they took Phillipa Chicken off the setlists. The message boards went crazy! We started getting a bunch of noobs jumping on the bandwagon after Creep, The Bends, and especially OK Computer, but those of us who have been fans since the beginning, the REAL fans, feel only pity for all of you high school hipster noobs who just became a "fan" around the time of OK Computer or Kid A.
  7. I remember reading an interview where Jonny said that Thom spends all of his free time shopping for clothes. Thom would look fifteen years younger if he would shave and get a haircut.
  8. Ahhh so exciting! This is going to be epic.
  9. Art + Cash is a remix of a Modeselektor song.
  10. I hear Shipwreck really similar to WeCanWipeYouOut though with a few differences. I hear "he dives, he jumps" during the chorus. "he jumps he jumps he jumps he dives" Or it could be "dies" instead of "dives"
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