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  1. Basically I'm going tonight and i have a bit of a dilemma. I didn't manage to get a ticket in the waste presale but got a standing ticket in the general sale and i'm curious about when i should turn up to ensure i get a place right down the front when doors open. i'm thinking about leaving school at 2pm and missing 3 lessons, but is that really neccessary? i get out of school at 4pm and could probably be at the o2 by about half past; is a substantial queue liekly to have built up by that time? sorry if it's a stupid question, just mulling this over.
  2. london or manchester? we should give you a uk radiohead fan welcome in the queue don't worry, it won't be just sitting there moaning about the big brother state or grumbling about how the radiohead tickets are twenty quid more expensive than drake. that'll just be some of it. but we'll bring cake.
  3. reckon this ticket trust thing will have many tickets on? still keen to get a monday standing at some point though it's not really a tragedy if i can't
  4. got one for tuesday, not having much luck with monday
  5. ticketmaster hasn't crashed (yet), hopefully a good sign
  6. are promotors more greedy in the uk or do radiohead just hate their homeland fans? or, on the bright side, guize do you reckon this could be to put off all the fairweather fans who stopped listening to their new releases around 2001, hence making it easier for us to get tickets?
  7. lol sorry about that, i'm fucking tired
  8. well to do pissy pants fam, yeah intelligent way to talk about people who may just happen to have more money than you leave it in the creche please
  9. that said though, i'm still probably gonna go both nights. i (or my parents) live comfortably enough to just about afford that as a 17th birthday present for me, but i feel for people who don't.
  10. since when was a gig a luxury item for hardcore fans? live music has always been the most profound way of experiencing the medium, and for a band who are as allegedly principled as radiohead to exploit that, or at least have some hand in it (i've had experience of promoting myself and i do know that the band does not generally solely set the price), is pretty low. on a personal level i don't feel ripped off simply because they're my favourite band in the world and always will be but that's not really a justification; the fact is that they're a still relevant band doing a fairly midsized tour (big as the o2 arena is, it's not wembley stadium or hyde park or even viccy park for that matter) who seem to have the nerve to charge a ridiculous price. i do realise that this probably does not come down to thom and jonny sitting around a table saying "right, we're millionaires, how steeply shall we charge our fans to come see us?" because i don't believe they're as out of touch as that but surely they could have had some veto in this? i wouldn't mind sacrificing some of the visual elements for a lower price really. i feel slightly disillusioned because i've always seen them as staunchly against this kind of mentality
  11. okay then, promotors for jay-z and kanye west also enjoy rinsing the ticketbuyer. great.
  12. yes, on seatwave/viagog, secondary ticketing sites where people (or, as it transpires, the company itself) generally sell their tickets on for hugely overinflated prices.
  13. i'm thom yorke and i go to occupy london parties and support anti capitalist causes n shit and wanted to call my album no logo but yeah come to my gig at a massive superdome bearing the name of a telecommunications giant and buy a ticket for £71.50 yeah kewwwlllllll we are the 99% man, down with money and all that i'm so damn radical fuck the corporations d00d
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