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  1. mine: in rainbows is the greatest album of all time
  2. this is growing on me. i love brain in a bottle, the mother lode, and nose grows some. still my least favorite thom yorke related project aside from pablo honey
  3. ***unpopular opinion*** the eraser is way better than this and amok is too. oh and tklol
  4. first song is great but the following tracks are pretty boring
  5. http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/04/radiohead-will-reconvene-this-summer/
  6. god i love this. i think weird fishes is my fav song for people to cover.
  7. so polyfauna isn't lp9 ok then
  8. glad someone agrees with me!! eraser is good but amok rules
  9. I dont skip tracks on tkol i just stop after lotus flower
  10. i dont think i could ever get tired of Bodysnatchers
  11. http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/new-radiohead-album-up-in-the-air-no-plans-to-tour-144518
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