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    Radiohead, Fencing, History, and I could keep on going...
  1. I was at the Mansfield show last night and it was the most incredible experience I ever had. The sound, the lights, and the atmosphere were all incredible. Thom's voice was as good as ever, and they were all on top of their game. I had chills running down my spine when they came out for the final encore and played Give Up the Ghost. The best moment was when Thom started playing some Neil Young just before Everything in its Right Place. Incredible... Edit: Caribou was very good. I really enjoyed them.
  2. I got my tickets for the MA showing a week after they went on sale. I had to get them off of stub hub because they were sold out everywhere I looked. It's a nice place to watch a concert, but I would definitely try to get pavilion seats in case it rains. I saw REM and Modest Mouse there before and didn't have any problems. I try to stay far away from NY and NJ... especially NJ. Glad to hear you are getting into Radiohead though. I was the opposite. I LOVED Ok Computer and thought Kid A was ok, but then all of a sudden everything just "clicked" and I got it. You'll notice that happens a lot with radiohead. Some songs you may have skipped over at one point will eventually become your favorites.
  3. Had a dream last night that Jonny died and I went around New York with Thom looking for a priest to resurrect him. We stopped along the way to play a show together, and then we were approached by a priest with the powers to get the job done. All ended well. Very odd dream...
  4. For me it is: Pyramid Song over Paranoid Android Weird Fishes over Airbag Everything over Idioteque How to Disappear over Climbing up the Walls Pretty disappointed Reckoner and street spirit didn't make it. Especially Reckoner...
  5. Thanks a lot everyone! So I have started learning You and Whose Army, Karma Police, and some Reckoner. I forgot to mention that this is all acoustic before, but I received some great recommendations. Props to whoever brought up Warrenmusic, he is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see Radiohead on May! My life will finally be complete...
  6. Cool, I'll check that out. I've actually been in a weird fishes craze lately. It's been jumping up on my last.fm numbers. Thanks a lot
  7. I didn't even think of You and Whose Army and that's one of my favorites! I like playing chords more than single notes, so that sounds like it could be good. It makes me feel more legit. Yeah, you need to pay for Bodysnatchers because it's DLC. The game comes with High and Dry.
  8. Very tough choice between Ok Computer, Kid A, and King of Limbs. I decided that I need to go with Ok Computer though. I love every song on it and there are no dull moments. It's the perfect album, imo.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm on here a lot, but I rarely post. Anyway, I just got tickets to see Radiohead for my first time on May 29th, and I also just so happened to start teaching myself guitar. I bought the game Rocksmith to help me along which has High and Dry and Bodysnatchers on it, but I got High and Dry down pretty well and Bodysnatchers seems impossible for my skill level. I thought all of you would be perfect for recommending some good beginner songs for me. I would like to learn another Radiohead song or two before the concert. So far I was thinking of maybe Fake Plastic Trees or Karma Police. Those two sound pretty simple, but there are so many songs. Thanks everyone
  10. I bought the album legally and they sent me an e-mail with two free tracks as a thank you. I'm not going to complain or look for any deeper meaning. I'm happy they did that.
  11. I purchased the digital WAV version and haven't received any email except for the order confirmation.
  12. I'm not sure what age group I'd be listed in as a 22 year old, but HttT isn't in my top albums. Ok Computer and Kid A are basically tied, because it really depends on the mood I'm in. Following that I would go with Amnesiac, The Bends/In Rainbows (tie), HttT, and then Pablo Honey. I do like HttT, don't get me wrong. I just feel like it isn't as strong of an album as the others I put ahead of it ,even though it has some very strong singles. I don't feel it would be fair to list King of Limbs yet, but it is definitely growing on me.
  13. I love my Sennheisers for Radiohead. I would stick with either them or Grado.
  14. This is pretty amazing with anything done by the Fleet Foxes. Personally, I think it goes great with their songs Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, Heard Them Stirring, and Blue Ridge Mountains. They are a band that sing a lot about nature, life, and death. The rain fits perfectly with their lyrics and the mood of their songs. I'm pretty blown away by it actually. I could just picture myself running around Maine barefooted during a warm rain while listening to their music and this together. To me, that's bliss. Their song Oliver James probably fits the best. White Winter Hymnal is also a must...
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