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  1. Is the dub any good? Some of the dubs of the early ones are pretty bad though some were redone better I know
  2. Maybe the only Miyazaki I haven’t seen
  3. Cool. I'm looking forward to the Irishman too, mostly because my friend just opened a coffee shop in Ridgewood, Queens. The bar they serve coffee from now was built by the crew as a set in the movie. Curious to see how recognizable the space is.
  4. Why don’t you just get a trial subscription to netflix and rip it from there?
  5. Cool! I thought he was working on samba music. I could do an ambient album like this too
  6. "...this seemed to him to contain the kernel of all experience, became to him the image of all the joys and sufferings of life. He could give in to this melancholy and shudder at all things transitory with the same abandonment with which he gave in to love. This melancholy was also a form of love, of desire. As ecstasy, at the peak of blissful tension, is certain that it must vanish and with with the next breath, his innermost loneliness and abandonment to melancholy was certain that it would suddenly be swallowed by desire, by new abandonment to the light side of life. Death and ecstasy were one. The mother of life could be called love or desire; she could also be called death, grave, or decay."
  7. Reading this led me to find this on utube. Wow It's cool how this still sounds like it woulda fit on IR really well. But there's something really great about having the last song on that album be as minimal as it is. Plus a lot of people connect to it because it's a piano ballad. That counts for something
  8. Yeah that's the fucking right attitude. But so is all the other shit. Yin and yang
  9. Saw the first night in NYC and they played a pretty sad slow setlist. It was great. Though the sound in these large venues is kinda shit right?
  10. Isn’t I might be wrong a proper live album? They also have that dvd of them before the bends came out that was a whole live show and then there’s all the from the basements. Is it fair to say they haven’t done a live album?
  11. Isn’t the 90s version the new arrangement? Unless you mean the 2001-2002 version?
  12. Yeah it’s got me super excited for the new Ed stuff.
  13. That'd actually be pretty dope if Ed's solo stuff was played.
  14. Saw this at karaoke the other day. Think it's a new song from LP10? https://imgur.com/a/BQ7i3
  15. I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit. Except for httT I think every album he does is clean. The instruments / parts all occupy their own space in the spectrum and don’t compete. A delicate mix of electronic and acoustic is another hallmark.
  16. Or even on something like ultraista which is his project outside of RH. It’s really pretty music. ear candy
  17. Hmm... I'm sure left handed violins are a thing. The people who play them probably sit backwards in orchestras too smwatson. So you learned on a standard guitar? How'd that go?
  18. left handed guitars are silly. They don't make left handed violins. In fact, most of the intricately difficult shit about any stringed instrument happens in the left hand so shouldn't left handed players be better off on standard instruments anyway? It never made any sense to me.
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