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  1. Is the dub any good? Some of the dubs of the early ones are pretty bad though some were redone better I know
  2. Maybe the only Miyazaki I haven’t seen
  3. Cool. I'm looking forward to the Irishman too, mostly because my friend just opened a coffee shop in Ridgewood, Queens. The bar they serve coffee from now was built by the crew as a set in the movie. Curious to see how recognizable the space is.
  4. Why don’t you just get a trial subscription to netflix and rip it from there?
  5. I’ve lived much of my life in the american north east. December is really early in winter and getting some snow on christmas was a rare treat. The way media always protrays a snowy christmas I felt a little bummed when it often wasn’t and it’s rude that they fuck with my expectations like that. It’s unreasonable
  6. cartwheels


    Back to DnB https://open.spotify.com/track/67CrR2zD1CskY8q4KeI7pS?si=W3idcSMPS92V0tT-pxgZKA
  7. cartwheels

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone else play goose game?
  8. cartwheels

    Nintendo Switch

    Played untitled goose game and the new zelda remake both really great. The goose game was hilarious and reallyfun and great music. All reworked debussy
  9. Cool! I thought he was working on samba music. I could do an ambient album like this too
  10. cartwheels


    The Fugees remix is pretty dope. Slow start that I can appreciate. My friend just sent me this. Totally didn't expect any DnB coming here.
  11. What is your opinion of Lana Delrdday
  12. Using similar logic I thought it was funny that Scottish men wear kilts like it's their business and Scottish women enjoy more typical and modern fashion in the same settings where kilts get worn. Like did only men in Scotland get "traditional" attire? I'd posit that kilts have only survived because they're fun and plenty of men subconsciously want to wear dresses. But so much of being Scottish is being silly ("I'll take a wee dram of ...). I get the impression Scots do not take themselves too seriously and I appreciate it. Tennis players on the other hand are very serious. That being said I watched this very serious tennis moment a couple days ago and was completely moved. https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/27510249/naomi-osaka-coco-gauff-teach-lesson-humility-sportsmanship
  13. cartwheels


    Solid bit of jungle right here
  14. cartwheels


    Heard Gilles play this at a club a couple years back. So much energy in the crowd at that moment. It was so fun.
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