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  1. cartwheels


    The Fugees remix is pretty dope. Slow start that I can appreciate. My friend just sent me this. Totally didn't expect any DnB coming here.
  2. What is your opinion of Lana Delrdday
  3. Using similar logic I thought it was funny that Scottish men wear kilts like it's their business and Scottish women enjoy more typical and modern fashion in the same settings where kilts get worn. Like did only men in Scotland get "traditional" attire? I'd posit that kilts have only survived because they're fun and plenty of men subconsciously want to wear dresses. But so much of being Scottish is being silly ("I'll take a wee dram of ...). I get the impression Scots do not take themselves too seriously and I appreciate it. Tennis players on the other hand are very serious. That being said I watched this very serious tennis moment a couple days ago and was completely moved. https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/27510249/naomi-osaka-coco-gauff-teach-lesson-humility-sportsmanship
  4. cartwheels


    Solid bit of jungle right here
  5. cartwheels


    Heard Gilles play this at a club a couple years back. So much energy in the crowd at that moment. It was so fun.
  6. cartwheels


    Cheers to that Double 99 track. It's slimy.
  7. cartwheels


    My friend's Korg Z1 that has been in my apt for the last 3 years. It has this dope preset called "Jungle Bass" that just rips through the lowend in the best way.
  8. cartwheels


    I know these tracks aren't strictly jungle but they're like the children of jungle This song was big a year or two ago. Like that bassline. yeahhhhh that's so jungle
  9. cartwheels


    No idea who Chase´╗┐ & Status are but that track is just ok.
  10. cartwheels


    Yeah it's comin back. Here's some 2 steppish thing I heard Gilles play the other day (he's always loved jungle though)
  11. Oh this song is a bit nostalgia sugar coated drip but still catchy as hell and solid production Oh! And Little Simz album was a good listen.
  12. This was good. Have no idea who they are or what else they've done. The new Steve Lacy was pretty good. James Blake was this year? I liked some songs off that.
  13. Just watched "Cold War". The music and everything was good. Kind of gets overly dramatic in the latter parts of the film.
  14. I could use something like this. I've just been watching heady movies and it's like eating too much leafy greens. I need a bit of mashed potatoes.
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