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    Meeting in the Aisle, Pyramid Song, & Down is the New Up.
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    Amnesiac, IR disc 2, IR, HTTT, Kid A
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    Nick Cave, Portishead, The Smiths, Deerhunter, UNKLE, Bat For Lashes, Aphex Twin...
  1. what about Meeting in The Aisle and I Might Be Wrong?
  2. omg you're right. every radiohead song is a lie and a copy of coldplay's music; I should've known all along. oh what a fool I am
  3. I don't like how the article makes us sound like we worship them blindly and think they can do no wrong. But they always manage to sound pretty good amazing and they don't have to release the same album over and over again...
  4. To the person who wanted a record player recommendation: I'm not an expert but I have a Crosley. It's really pretty and it does the job very well. Under $100. and: I don't like Supercollider that much. I'll probably like it when they release the studio version of it. so.
  5. I think that will come true... only 150 copies.
  6. Hi. if you can get me a newspaper I'll pay shipping. and you get sexual favors and weed.
  7. see? like someone was mad or something because they didn't say anything but now they did so...
  8. you just said yorkymask. oeiwjsdjiwqeodjijewdiuhweuudnueqhwiurn34euew8jsm
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