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  1. : ) the drawings look great, i really love the corset and skirt one, good luck!
  2. haha thats pretty bad advice
  3. bodySLAM

    my music

    yea hannah i suck at words so like i duno w hat to say besides that makes my heart pound. or it makes my heart pound like when i listen to tori amos but i don't wanna make you have feelings by mentioning another person cause i think someone mentioned another artist in my music thread once and it wasn't like they were saying "this osunds like this" but that's what i got and felt bad haha. and u weren't lookin for critique so this is good because i don't ever describe music but i liked the recording ..sound??quality?, and i liked that article+the comment at the bottom too
  4. haha i just realized my post might've come off as really bizarre because i always confuse certain b&w avatars with others. it made sense in my head lol but this made me think hey i should listen to those covers and i did and enjoyed it, especially liked the model couple song
  5. it sucks cause you'll still remember them and their image will flood you with the past if you do anything but nothing, songs, shows, nature, drugs are especially bad pop ups
  6. haha nah the thought trail i had was very long, it's a sticky ituation when mters remind you of mters, specifically when you date an ex mter, u fidn that mt will never truly leave u even if log off ;__; and that's when i start getting a derealization party bumpin
  7. these lyrics are powerful, puttin me in a creative mood, and i like your voice a whole lot too tj. love is great
  8. my name is tristan..and i am alive *__* ~sorrow by name and sorrow by nature
  9. omg thee are so great. i cant sleep i might as well sketch
  10. id be home on a friday night! sounds like a good time
  11. : D is it all digital? the lineart looks reall cool like the way ink bleeds and i love how the lines move through the sky
  12. i know this is photoshop and not online but, photoshop cs2 is free on adobe's website. cus it's hella old they closed the support and gave a serial key to "people who already bought it" so they wont admit it but it's free. you just have to sign up for an adobe account very nostalgic for me at least
  13. o_o breathing on ur house! makes my imagination feel tingly
  14. im excited! what ive seen is on mr show lvl great stuff
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