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  1. i just wanted to say........you're cool!

  2. let's get drunk/disney marathon

  3. ah i'm sorry :/ i didnt mean for thread to be so serious, i dont mean to be so serious period. it jus happens yakno. i could write u somethin fun some time : )

  4. ty for liking my writing it means a lottttt a lot alot to me, esp from you :3

  5. s.s i wish i knew for sure if it was my fault we stopped chatting. im sorry rly : <

  6. dang in limbos my fav on this i think besides kid a
  7. this is so amazing i love you! btw sorry for not getting ur neighbor but u dont have to give her away anyway! duno when i will come visit next maybe the best friends thing makes it easier?

    1. Irene


      Come over soon I have two things to give you :3

  8. hha u like system of a down?

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