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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Big Boots, as usual, but I doubt they'll play it.
  2. Oh you mean like the thousands of people who love TKOL? If you don't expect Radiohead to experiment and do new shit, then you should have left after OK Computer. Well, you're either a troll or an idiot, and I guess 'troll' is a bit more charitable. It's not that you didn't like the album- that's fine, it's not for everyone, it's a matter of taste- it's that you have a bizarrely intense hatred for it that makes you seem like someone deliberately starting a shitfight. I mean, what, did TKOL kill your family or something? Can't wait for his next post, where he explains how I
  3. Great album. Much more mature than Pablo Honey but not quite as sophisticated as OK Computer. Street Spirit still stands as one of Radiohead's all-time best songs, and My Iron Lung was what really cemented my Radiohead fandom.
  4. Love this song. Most underrated track on IR.
  5. Love this song. Most underrated track on IR.
  6. Creep. It's overplayed, but it really sums up perfectly what Radiohead is about. Street Spirit is tempting as well since it's really a great fucking song.
  7. that's the spirit that isn't. Who gives a shit about Pitchfork anyway? Everyone knows they're a bunch of hipsters, so why get worked up about them being hipstery?
  8. I would trade my shit for a lot of great radiohead recordings, then release them all on the internet for free. Unless I was really poor, in which case I would sell them for money.
  9. I sometimes imagine what it must be like to have a recording everyone wants and refusing to share it, curling up in a chair clutching the laptop that contains it, giggling madly.
  10. nice generalization there Pitchfork are a bunch of arrogant hipsters, but I find myself enjoying just about all the music they recommend. That's just me though, everyone has different tastes.
  11. What I find interesting is how much critics have been trying to play up how 'mixed' the reaction to TKOL has been, when really, it's gotten better reviews than most albums, and it's not like Radiohead have never made a confusing album before- Kid A got much the same response. Bon Iver's self-titled was quite good, though I think TKOL was better.
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